Bad Belief Leads to Bad Behavior

Wrong belief is sinful and is a personal fault. It is sin because "ideas have consequences" and bad belief leads to bad behavior.

Democrats 2020 Logo Competition!

As we approach the 2020 campaign, it's important to properly vet our candidates and ensure that only the cream of the crop is able to rise to the highest office in the land. Needless to say, the obvious place to begin this process is with logo design.

Julian Castro's logo tries to do too much. The accent mark does double duty by emphasizing his Hispanic heritage and reminding us how to pronounce his name. This reduces the effectiveness of his "One nation. One Destiny" tagline ,which is kind of boring anyway.

Social democracy is an American tradition

Social democracy is an American tradition. If you hate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her views, you would have hated every single one of America's Founding Fathers too!

Progressive Taxation in the US

Progressive taxation was supported by the Founding Fathers for a good reason.

Mark Latham on Drugs

Following a number of deaths due to tainted drugs at music festivals there have been arguments that pill testing should be available at such events. One prominent critic of the idea is former leader of the social democratic Australian Labor Party, Mark Latham.

Truth has a strong liberal bias

The more you are informed and educated about the facts and the evidence, the more your views will align center-left. Not with the radical left, not with marxists and anarchists, but with social democrats, German neoliberals, and proponents of the "open society." It Is a fact that conservatives and right-wingers are generally uninformed about the matters on which they have the strongest opinions.

Neoliberalsm and Communism

Neoliberalism is a lot like socialism/communism. It's a broad term that covers a lot of extremely different ideologies, some better and some worse. "A Neoliberal's Manifesto" is a lot like "The Communist Manifesto." When I read it, there's a lot that I disagree with but there's also a lot that I agree with. Overall, the ideology is flawed, but it makes many valid points.

A Nazi Coincidence

Coincidently I'm sure, yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the founding of the German Workers Party, who one year later changed their name to the National Socialist German Workers (Nazi) Party.

Initially a tiny organisation, they recruited disaffected, angry and often unemployed young men. They began with protests much like the one in St Kilda yesterday, often hugely outnumbered by police and counter protesters.

The Fame Geoff Kelly Deserves

I understand the contemporary fashion of blanking out a person's name when they say something truly stupid. In part, it is to show that the comedy should be directed at the comment, rather than the person. Likewise, it is a principle of charity - you want to give the person an opportunity to improve themselves, and who knows, maybe if they discover they are part of a meme that the world is laughing perhaps they will take the opportunity for self-reflection.

Distributivist Political Economy and MMT

Just wanted to share an insight from John Médaille’s book on distributist political economy. In the book, he distinguishes between legitimate interest and usury and this insight becomes really interesting in light of modern money theory (MMT):


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