Happy New Year Malcolm Turnbull!

So the Government has kicked off 2018 with:

A racist Senator and accused war criminal who makes no apology for posting 'Britain First' memes, but demands a grovelling apology for being called a coward for doing so;

Peter Dutton undermining the legal system, spreading fear of non-existent African gangs in Melbourne and encouraging the rise of white supremacist vigilantism;

Something good about Facebook

First off, the bad grammar in the following is intentional, because screw grammar/spelling authoritarians! Language is the only real direct democracy dammit, so don't let the fascist English teachers take that away from you with their arbitrary rules!

Facebook says today is a "friendversary," marking the day that me and Mitchell became friends on Facebook. Normally, I ignore Facebook when it spams me with such things, but I couldn't help but notice the huge impact that Mitchell has had on my life.

Turkish tanks in Aleppo

Turkish tanks are going deep into Aleppo to head off a potential regime offensive toward Foua and Kafraya. This is the offensive I expected the government to make after defeating ISIS in the east. There are a bunch of important strategic targets along the way, it would have allowed them to threaten Idlib and Saraqib, diverting rebel forces away from the front lines in Hama, and it would have severely disrupted rebel supply chains to the south.

Australia, we gotta change the date.

Australia did not begin on January 26, 1788. It is a lie. Our First People lived here for 60,000 years before our colonization, and Australian civil society began millenia before the British arrived and massacred.

It's not so different from Israel-Palestine.

But the British believed the land belonged to them. They had no good intentions to assimilate into Aboriginal Australian society or, as we now say, 'don't like it, don't stay.'

All power to the Soviets

by Pyotr Malatesta

Turkish forces in Afrin

SYRIA UPDATE: Turkish ground forces have entered the Kurdish canton of Afrin, making minor headway in three locations in the north. There's also been heavy fighting in the south by Jandaris, but it sounds like they haven't made as much progress there. Turkish-aligned rebel groups are also attacking the canton from the east.

Dutton is Extremely Concerning

Dutton will never relent with his attacks on all perceived enemies. He will never respond to criticism with anything more than the pleasure and enthusiasm he derives from attracting it. He is a racist, a misogynist and a misanthrope for sure, but worse than that, he is a paranoid control freak, an obsessed hater, a would be dictator.

The Unholy Alliance: Saudi Arabia and Israel

The unholy alliance: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the Jewish State of Israel

Israel has no official diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia, but someone who watches with a microscope will know that they have secretly traded weapons, intel, and strategy for years. [1][2]


How Should Palestinians Resist?

Everytime I see Israeli media talk about 'the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement' I roll my eyes. It has outed itself as fake news.

Solidarity with the Palestinian people is the movement. BDS is a tactic to get there.

It's a tactic endorsed and beginning with the Palestinians itself.

Palestinian resistance has always prided peaceful protest and civil disobedience over violent action. The human right to boycott is a basic choice we make when shopping every day.

Syria Update January 2018

SYRIA UPDATE: As we enter 2018, I thought I'd take a quick look back at the events of 2017, to refresh the memories of old friends and bring new ones up to speed. I usually post an update whenever something major happens, but it can be difficult to synthesize that information into a coherent view of the conflict.


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