Storming Today's Bastille

Today is Bastille Day, la Fête nationale, le 14 juillet and all over the world, various francophones and francophiles will be celebrating all things French, or at least all things that they think are French. As usual, in France itself there will be the traditional military parade, when the French wing of the military-industrial complex puffs up its chest in recognition of its legacy as an imperialist power, its nuclear arsenal, and its membership to the UN Security Council.

We don't value the future

We don’t value the future because the world is dominated by an economic system based on creating ever increasing profits irrespective of the human, social and environmental damage that is caused. As the four horsemen of the post-modern apocalypse – increasing population growth, finite resources, increasing greenhouse emissions and an economic system based on creating ever increasing profits irrespective of the costs involved – move from a canter to a gallop, the future looks much bleaker than it needs to be.

The Race To Deir Ezzor

I'm of several minds as to what the regime is likely to do here. First of all, I don't buy the idea that they have 6500 tribal fighters. Their numbers are probably much more limited than that, and I doubt they have the manpower to really properly hold these long front lines. In particular, I suspect that capturing the Rusafah-Palmyra road would be less beneficial than South Front thinks, because the lack of manpower will make the encirclement porous.

Right of Return

Israel's 'right of return' is the same as the White Australia immigration policy.
Jews are given special consideration over non-Jews if they wish to 'return' to their Jewish homeland, even if they are converts to Judaism without ancestral connection to the land.

Now extremist rabbis have taken control, dominating the already morally warped conversation. They have blacklisted any rabbis with a liberal interpretation of the conversion process.

Policing and Slavery

Policing is a racist institution, rooted in slavery. The first police forces in America were runaway slave patrols. Later on, police were used to beat down striking workers—to force workers to work, to enslave them. And now the police system is still a runaway slave patrol, that arrests people for victimless crimes and throws them in jail to be slaves in the Prison Industrial Complex, because prison slave labor is a multi-hundred-billion dollar industry! There are no good cops because the institution itself is unjust. "The thing! The thing itself is the abuse!"

Not An Anti-Zionist Activist

I am not an anti-Zionist activist.

Reap What You Sow, Part II

One of the more insidious consequences of the neo-liberal deregulation, privatisation, globalisation, corporatisation revolution that has swept the globe over the past 40 years is the human cost of allowing corporations whose primary responsibility is to create ever increasing profits for their major shareholders, to self-regulate.

Policing Corrupts

It is a fact that giving someone a position of power or authority has serious psychological effects. It makes the person that wields power ignorant, hypocritical, immoral, violent, sociopathic, etc. Also, positions of power within hierarchies create situations in which almost any individual will commit any atrocity imaginable so long as they are told to do so by a superior. Also, conditions in which people are given arbitrary authority over others cause the wielder of authority to abuse their power and torture and mistreat those over whom they have power.

Social Democracy as Democratic Socialism

Social democracy, as a form of democratic socialism, is a great idea. The most free societies in the world embrace social democracy. Social democracy needs to be updated and reformed; a land value tax and basic income or social dividend is necessary for the society of tomorrow, so there's work to be done.

Reap What You Sow Part I

The problem with 40 years of neo-liberal experimentation is that all the seeds they have sown seem to have fallen on barren ground. The latest revelations about the perils that have accompanied the privatisation of old age care in Australia highlight the deregulation, privatisation, globalisation and corporatisation revolution was a complete and utter waste of time. When you dissect Islamic State, Stalinism and the Nazi ledger you can easily count the social and human costs.


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