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Farewell Michael Smith

Michael chose the introductory music to Anarchist World This Week (AWTW) over 20 years ago, he was also the producer of AWTW for a number of years. Michael was an indispensable presence at the Reclaim the Radical Spirit of the Eureka Rebellion Celebrations’ live broadcast from Ballarat at 4:00am on the 3rd December, for over a decade.

He also did a number of outside broadcasts for Talkback with Attitude over the years. Michael Smith was an integral part of many of the programs I’ve been involved with at 3CR Community Radio

I will miss him both as an honest, caring, ethical and moral human being and as someone who volunteered so much of his life to 3CR to ensure 3CR Community Radio continues to be as relevant in 2020 / 2021 as it was in 1976.

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