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Algerian Trade Unionist Jailed for Striking

Mourad Ghedia, President of the SNAPAP/CGATA Justice Sector Workers, has been arrested and placed under a detention order in El-Harrach prison. Join the LabourStart campaign calling for his immediate release.

Mr. Ghedia, a clerk by profession, had previously been suspended in 2012 for almost three years along with 57 other people for strike action, without any procedure having been followed or any supporting documents having been sent to them.

The freedom to strike is a fundamental civil right and an essential corollary of the freedom of association, the detention of trade union leaders for reasons related to legitimate demands constitutes a serious obstacle to the exercise of their rights and violates the freedom of association.

We denounce the arbitrary arrest and imprisonment of Mourad Ghedia and call on the Algerian Government to immediately release and drop all criminal charges against M. Ghedia and to respect the international conventions that Algeria has duly ratified.

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