Prison Abolition and Libertarian Social Democracy

The intersection of prison abolition, social democracy, and libertarianism:

If you are libertarian, you have to be a prison abolitionist. The prison system is modern day slavery, the antithesis of liberty. 1 out of every 110 adults in America is incarcerated. Many of them are enslaved for having committed non-violent and victimless "crimes."

The Australian embassy in Jerusalem

The move of the Australian embassy to Jerusalem is a cynical use of my identity as a dogwhistle for Western nationalism.

To explain we must look deeper into the alliance of so-called 'Judeo-Christian values' behind all this.

Everything about Judeo-Christian values is misleading. Jewish law is closest in style and structure to Sharia law. Over the centuries, Jews have lived in peace and perhaps as equals among Muslims. Before Israel came about, the Europeans had committed pogroms and kicked Jews out of their borders hundreds of times.

Education Reform is Essential

If we want the republic, our representative democracy, to survive and thrive, education reform is most essential. If the ruler of any society is a moron, then that society is doomed. In a democracy, the people are the rulers. In times past, they trained their princes in philosophy, ethics, and science, so that they could be decent rulers. In modern times, the people are supposed to be the rulers. Mandatory public education is the corollary of republicanism. If we want a decent republic, we need high quality education.

Official Electoral Fraud

Georgia's Secretary of State, who is in charge of voter registrations and overseeing elections, is running for governor against a black woman. They've purged voter registrations and are refusing to let tens of thousands of black people re-register. They aren't letting black people vote. This is what the Republican Party stands for. This is not a conservative party. This is a racist party and a fascist party.

Conservatives for Democrats

If there's any true conservatives in America, they'll be voting Democrat for the foreseeable future. The Trumpist Republican Party is the party of fascism, chaos, and political instability—the harbingers of right-wing anarchy and revolution. Trump, Kavanaugh, and Ryan are molotov cocktails thrown by an angry, short-sighted, and ignorant mob to burn down the system—a wrench thrown into the gears of government to sabotage the republic. Trump's right-hand man Bannon can call himself a Leninist, because the elite clique, vanguard party, and one-party fascist State is his vision for America.

Otherwise decent people

I think the most hurtful thing imaginable is knowing that otherwise decent people, people we may even care about and love, are either so ignorant or so filled with hate that they can honestly support people like Trump, Pence, Graham, and Kavanaugh. It shows that they don't really care about human rights or common human decency.

Abolish the Presidency

The office of the Presidency ought to be abolished. The military should be led by the Joint Chiefs of Staff on a consensus basis. Coming to agreement through deliberation, the Joint Chiefs of Staff would act as one person, collectively serving as Commander in Chief. In place of the Presidency, we should have a "figure head" Prime Minister who has a diplomatic role but no military or executive power. Supreme Court Justices ought to serve a term of 6 years and ought to be democratically elected by the people.

Men who don't practice what they preach

Louis CK made the news again due to surprising a bunch of people with an unplanned show.

[cue canned laughter]

I used to like Louis CK. There was a point at which he was the first name to come to mind when asked for favorite comedians. There’s been a lot of talk about what destructive, toxic men should do in order to be afforded redemption. Hasn’t he suffered enough?

No, clearly, or we wouldn’t be asking these questions.

Scott Morrison's Honeymoon Period

As we know the billionaire inspired blood-letting by the terminally suicidal Liberal Party of Australia surprisingly produced Scott Morrison as Prime Minister. Usually after such an event there is a "honeymoon" period, according to most psephology.

Empathy at Yale University

“Empathy is bad and it makes the world worse.
( ”

If I were Yale University I would be ashamed to have Paul Bloom on staff. I’d watch that three minute video and say, “Who hired this guy? Who promoted him? Who let this happen under our watch?” and then I would fire this guy, and I would fire the guy who promoted him, and I would just massacre everyone in the department who enabled this nonsense.


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