Federal Election Campaign: Day 1 and 2

Day one of the election campaign: LNP engages in a shocking level of corruption and nepotism.

Federal election campaign day 2.

When Peter Dutton accuses the Labor candidate for Dickson, Ali France, of using her disability as an "excuse" for not living in the electorate.

Workplace safety and union fines

In January 2014 a 30 year old man died at the Barangaroo construction site after falling from scaffolding. Despite on going union concerns about safety and supervision at the site, no legal action resulted from the man’s death.

In June 2014, 1,000 workers walked off the job for two days after a CFMMEU official was suspended following an altercation with the site manager over safety at Barangaroo.

Labor’s dividend imputation credits policy

What Labor’s dividend imputation credits policy actually is:

Dividend imputation credits were introduced in 1987 to prevent double taxation. ie when a company pays tax on their profits shareholders receive imputation credits which are used to reduce the shareholders tax liability.

If the shareholder didn’t have a tax liability, or had imputation credits exceeding their tax liability, the imputation credits were unused, just like any other tax offset.

Economic comparisons since Whitlam

Forty three years and six months after the Whitlam government was elected, both Labor and the Coalition had been in government for the same amount of time (21 years and 9 months).

In that time:

Annual employment growth was 0.216% higher under Labor. Given the size of today’s labour market that amounts to 25,710 extra jobs per year. Since 1972 565,000 addition jobs were created under Labor.

Bernie and the Filibuster

Bernie Sanders opposes getting rid of the filibuster or changing Senate processes to be more democratic. Why? Likely because his support for the $15/hour minimum wage is just virtue signalling. Doubling the minimum wage over night would displace a lot of people. Smaller businesses with budget constraints would lay off half of their current employees to make up the difference, while larger companies with more resources would double down on automation, replacing human labor with robots/computers/algorithms.

Condemn Joe's Shoe Store

Every Northcote (Melbourne, AU) local has heard of the cocktail bar, Joe’s Shoe Store. But what patrons don’t know is how this bar, and its sister-venue Uncle Joe’s, treat their staff like dirt. They pay below-award wages, ripping us off by as much $11 an hour on Sundays and by more $25 an hour on public holidays.

100% net zero emissions energy

As a gentle reminder, the IPCC report explicitly refuses to endorse calls for 100% renewable energy, and instead calls for 100% net zero emissions energy, which includes renewables, non-renewable clean energy sources like nuclear, and dirty energy sources like natural gas and coal with CCS.

Here are the relevant passages:

The Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions needs our support

The Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions needs our support today.

Workers in China are being arrested because they want to form their own trade unions. We need your help today to tell the Chinese government that this is unacceptable.

Allah Defend New Zealand

In the seven days since the Christchurch terror attack, in New Zealand:

  • All semi automatic weapons have been banned
  • Non-Muslims have begun visiting mosques
  • Non-Muslim women have worn hijabs in solidarity with Muslims
  • The call to prayer has been broadcast on national media.

In Australia:

Democrats 2020 Logo Competition 2!

Another batch of candidates have declared, so there's another batch of logos to review! As always, these reviews are offered in a spirit of good fun, and do not reflect my views of the candidates themselves. In fact, I don't have any views on the candidates themselves, because I am officially neutral.


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