Men who don't practice what they preach

Louis CK made the news again due to surprising a bunch of people with an unplanned show.

[cue canned laughter]

I used to like Louis CK. There was a point at which he was the first name to come to mind when asked for favorite comedians. There’s been a lot of talk about what destructive, toxic men should do in order to be afforded redemption. Hasn’t he suffered enough?

No, clearly, or we wouldn’t be asking these questions.

Scott Morrison's Honeymoon Period

As we know the billionaire inspired blood-letting by the terminally suicidal Liberal Party of Australia surprisingly produced Scott Morrison as Prime Minister. Usually after such an event there is a "honeymoon" period, according to most psephology.

Empathy at Yale University

“Empathy is bad and it makes the world worse.
( ”

If I were Yale University I would be ashamed to have Paul Bloom on staff. I’d watch that three minute video and say, “Who hired this guy? Who promoted him? Who let this happen under our watch?” and then I would fire this guy, and I would fire the guy who promoted him, and I would just massacre everyone in the department who enabled this nonsense.

Anti-capitalist Libertarian

I am anti-capitalist but I am Libertarian to the core as far as social values. People can literally do anything that is consensual and not hurting anyone and not only is it fine but it's also none of my business.

And people don't have to like what you like, and they don't have to partake in what you partake in. People are not obligated to be into you romantically or sexually and it's none of your business what someone else is into unless you are dating them.

Radical Centrism and Third-Way Political Economy

Radical centrism and third-way political economy are honestly the most reasonable positions to hold. Unfortunately, radical centrism looks like extreme leftist in America because America is a nation of right-wing extremist basket cases.

Two Socialist Calculation Problems

There are two socialist calculation problems:

Hayek: Knowledge is distributed in the minds of individuals with specialized knowledge of particular circumstances of time and place. That knowledge can't be centrally collected and analyzed, meaning centrally-planned economies will inevitably make uninformed decisions that result in inefficiency.

Mises: With all industry owned by government, materials would be traded government-to-government, meaning there's no market for the determination of prices. Without the price mechanism, resources would be allocated inefficiently.

Culture of Bullying

“I have seen and witnessed and experienced some appalling behaviour in parliament, the kind of behaviour that 20 years ago when I was managing partner of a law firm of 200 employees I would never have accepted".
- Julie Bishop

Would that be the same law firm that deliberately dragged out cases of asbestos victims so that many of them died before having their cases heard?

Don't Reject Universal Basic Income

A lot of leftists want to reject universal basic income as a right-wing idea, because it has been advocated by Milton Friedman, F. A. Hayek, & Charles Murray. And, because it was advocated by the Founding Father, Thomas Paine, in the form of a citizen's dividend. But it's an idea that transcends ideologies. C. H. Douglas broke from the Fabian socialists to advocate UBI in the form of a national dividend. It was advocated by socialists like Fred M. Taylor, Oskar Lange, & Abba Lerner in the form of a social dividend as a share of the profits of socialized industry.

Why don't we have land value tax?

Why don't we have land value tax? It's universally recognized as a good idea. It was advocated by the American Founding Fathers, Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson. It was advocated by classical liberals like Adam Smith and John Locke. It was advocated by libertarians like Albert Jay Nock and Milton Friedman. It was advocated by the most important conservative thinkers, from Edmund Burke to William F. Buckley Jr.

Compare the Au Pair

"I looked at it and thought it's a bit rough, there's no criminal history”
- Peter Dutton on why he personally intervened to stop a French au pair from deportation

Here are some examples of when Peter Dutton didn’t think it was a bit rough:


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