Anti-Semitic Semites

"Arabs cannot be anti-Semitic because they are Semites."

Yes, Arabs are Semites. No, anti-Semitism doesn't mean being against Semites. It is more complicated than that.

The word 'anti-Semitism' was coined by proto-Nazis in the late 19th century to refer specifically to Jews. Luckily for Semites, the Nazis didn't hate most of them; they mostly hated Jewish Semites. This meaning will not ever change. It's use by Nazis became viral, and at this stage, so did the act of anti-Semitism as Jew hatred become viral: it was called the Holocaust.


I've been trying to avoid getting into it with alt-lefters lately, but I decided yesterday would be my cheat day, so I had a bit of fun with a Bernie Bro Baby Boomer (Bernie Boomer?). This is him replying to a woman rather than me personally, and is in the context of him attacking those damn Hillary-supporting millennials for not having gotten Trump out of office yet. (Earlier quote: "In my day we got results. We weren't prissy little millennials worried about man buns and skinny jeans. We took a stand, we changed history...what have you done?")

Palestine's First Political Assassination

On this day in 1924 Palestine’s first political assassination took place.

A Zionist Haganah terrorist shot the Jewish poet, writer and non-Zionist political activist, Jacob Israël de Haan as he left his local synagogue. Haganah's tacticts laid the foundations of the modern IDF.

Housing: What Can We Do?

The Victorian State Labor government has embarked on a journey that will eventually result in the privatisation of public housing. Their strategy is based on the redevelopment of the public housing sector through private public partnerships that will see prime public residential land on which current public housing stands into freehold titles for developers who will build housing on that land. Of new housing built, 80% will be allocated to the private sector while 20% will be allocated to public housing.

The Ubiquitous Petrol Station

One of the most important and least recognised points of contact in a 21st century petrol driven economy, is the ubiquitous petrol station. I'm pretty familiar with the petrol bowser in Melbourne town as the nature of my work means I drop into a petrol outlet at least once a day. In Melbourne the market is carved up between the big three – Woolworths, Coles, 7-Eleven and a smaller franchise United Petrol.

Islam and Islamism

Judaism, Christianity and Islam are monotheistic religions which trace their origins to Abraham. All three religions are riddled with contradictions and differences which are based on different interpretations of the Torah, the Bible and the Koran. Tens of millions of people have died as a result of clashes between these three monotheistic faiths and intractable disputes within these three separate religious traditions.

The Shambling Mound: Weeks 16-18

Horsehoes at Cynthia

Cynthia McKinney, the Green Party's presidential candidate in 2008, is now apparently an open anti-Semite.

The next time you feel the urge to post disparaging comments about horseshoe theory, or claim that the Far Left has a better history on social issues than the Democratic Party, remember this, and ask yourself if Hillary Clinton would ever accuse Jewish financiers and B'nai Brith of secretly controlling the government and the Federal Reserve.

The Social Divide in American Politics

This is truly fascinating. A few observations:

What the UK General Election result means

When Theresa May called a snap election in April, opinion polls had her Conservative Party 20 points ahead of Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party. Media commentators predicted her government would be returned with a majority of around 90 seats.

For the entire campaign Corbyn and his fully costed policies – including more spending on government services, a more equitable tax system and re-nationalising former government owned enterprises - were dismissed as unaffordable and unworkable.


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