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White Supremacists and Domestic Terror

And all of the claims and counter-claims I find I rather prefer data. Then I came across this:

Now all our sins return to haunt us...

Which, with footnotes and references, analyses Classic Dom's referendum and election victories.

UK Health Care System Broken

Overall a brilliant article; this quote especially sprang out at me:

Autoschadenfreude 5

“Events, dear boy, events.” Said Harold Macmillan.

A series of unfortunate ones here, but there you go.

Autoschadenfreude 4

I think folk need to read the article, I’m not going to selectively quote out of context just to whet fool’s appetites... or provide a synopsis for the TL;DR crowd... oh alright then...

James Melville on how the £200 billion cost of four years’ lost growth equals the entire UK contribution to the EU budget since it joined.

There’s a synopsis. And a quote.

Autoschadenfreude 3

What Defra’s post-Brexit plan means for farmers

Basic Payments will be reduced by 5-25% next year for farmers in England, the government has confirmed.
Wherein we find that farm subsidies will be cut by up to 25%.

Autoschadenfreude 2

"Household cleaning products firm McBride has confirmed its Barrow factory will shut down in the summer at a cost of 106 jobs


And while in-Cumbria understands Brexit was not, directly, part of the reasoning behind the decision, the reallocation of work to France and Luxembourg – both long-standing European Union members – will raise eyebrows. "

There will be more.

The Boyos Are Back

Just what we needed:

Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn.

I could say I told you so; but I don’t feel like it.


This will be a heading for a series:

Number 1. Norton Motorcycles. (Say it ain't so - I still want a '61 Commando in good shape - nevertheless...)
The sins of hubris will return to haunt us all in the coming years. Me too, no doubt.


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