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UK Health Care System Broken

Overall a brilliant article; this quote especially sprang out at me:

Autoschadenfreude 5

“Events, dear boy, events.” Said Harold Macmillan.

A series of unfortunate ones here, but there you go.

Autoschadenfreude 4

I think folk need to read the article, I’m not going to selectively quote out of context just to whet fool’s appetites... or provide a synopsis for the TL;DR crowd... oh alright then...

James Melville on how the £200 billion cost of four years’ lost growth equals the entire UK contribution to the EU budget since it joined.

There’s a synopsis. And a quote.

Autoschadenfreude 3

What Defra’s post-Brexit plan means for farmers

Basic Payments will be reduced by 5-25% next year for farmers in England, the government has confirmed.
Wherein we find that farm subsidies will be cut by up to 25%.

Autoschadenfreude 2

"Household cleaning products firm McBride has confirmed its Barrow factory will shut down in the summer at a cost of 106 jobs


And while in-Cumbria understands Brexit was not, directly, part of the reasoning behind the decision, the reallocation of work to France and Luxembourg – both long-standing European Union members – will raise eyebrows. "

There will be more.

The Boyos Are Back

Just what we needed:

Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn.

I could say I told you so; but I don’t feel like it.


This will be a heading for a series:

Number 1. Norton Motorcycles. (Say it ain't so - I still want a '61 Commando in good shape - nevertheless...)
The sins of hubris will return to haunt us all in the coming years. Me too, no doubt.

Today is the day of the Victory parade

...By the mendacious, deluded, confused, and opportunistic.

All but the most hardened Brexiter must wonder if this leap into the unknown is a good thing; "It's divorce Jim, but not as we know it."

Let's hope we can keep it amicable. But know now that some part of this grey and windswept nation will miss the rest of Europe; but if the rest of the family, including the deluded grandparental generation, demand we move house or change churches or sack the servants, that is what happens.

So I pen an apology to Europe, from the 48%.

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