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Good Content in the Biden/Harris Platform

The Biden/Harris platform is actually really good. I say this in spite of Biden being my least favorite of all the main party candidates other than Trump.

I like the healthcare policy. It doesn't eliminate for-profit private health insurance, but it would expand coverage to over 90% of the populace (excluding only illegal immigrants). It would subsidize costs for anyone below 400% of the federal poverty line and create a public option (basically "Medicare for All who want it"), but allowing the public option to negotiate prices.

His climate policy is really good too. Utilizing nuclear energy in transition and utilizing emissions pricing is necessary if any climate plan is to be successful. I actually would not support Bernie because he outright ruled out both of these things. The fact that Biden plans to use these options shows that his team is at least well-informed on climate policy issues.

Their housing policy actually looks good too. If I'm understanding it correctly, he's basically proposing that the governmenr pay the down payment for first time home-buyers that are buying a reasonably priced home. They're also proposing an expansion of public housing and, sounds like, making subsidies to low-income renters automatic rather than by application. The subsidies are designed to ensure that lower income people don't spend more than 30% of their income on rent. Creating enough public housing units to house every homeless person in America, guaranteeing access to mental health care and addiction treatment, and permanent supportive housing for homeless people that are disabled, mentally ill, or addicts. It's not my ideal plan because it doesn't include land value tax and a universal basic income, but it's pretty good. It would virtually eliminate homelessness in America.

Gotta say, there's some really good stuff in their platform.

I recognize that not everything in the platform will come to fruition, but if they get a solid Democratic majority in Congress, the healthcare and climate stuff will most likely happen.