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Australia, Norway, and Germany: Three Setbacks for Socialism

In three recent elections, centre-left parties have either been defeated (Australia, Norway) or have failed to achieve government (Germany). In two of these cases, it's a major setback because for Norway and Australia, the social acquisition of public resource wealth is being taken away.

Letter of apology to the Australian Prime Minister, the Hon. Tony Abbott.

Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing to apologise for recent comments I have made in relation to you and our newly elected government. I have in the past referred to you and your party as lazy, dishonest, arrogant, negative, opportunist, cynical, manipulative, divisive, mean-spirited, ignorant, boorish, compassionless, mysogynistic, homophobic, short sighted, reffo-bashing, borderline psychotic, anti-worker, Murdoch kowtowing, God bothering, climate change denying, socially regressive, economically illiterate, policy light weights.

Meet Chris Ellison

Meet Chris Ellison. He's the latest billionaire mining magnate out of WA to start whinging to the media about how much he has to pay his employees.

According to Ellison, who is 88th on the BRW rich list, workers have had it too good in Australia for too long and have developed a sense of entitlement due to union regulations and first world wages.

Ellison claims his employees are working at 55% of capacity despite the fact that his company, Mineral Resources, increased in value last year by 15%.

Australia Need Tony

Australia needs Tony.

Australia has forgotten its limitations, attempted to become a leader instead of a follower and has developed the dangerous notion that prosperity should benefit more than just the most privileged people in his country.

Who better to lead us back to our proper place in the world than the master of mediocrity, the Steven Bradbury of the polls, the captain of the Carlton Football club of the Australian political league, Anthony John Abbott?

Syrian Gas Attack

Those who raise the issue of WMDs in Iraq (or the incubator babies of the first Gulf War, or the second Tonkin Gulf incident) need to have another look at the images. This is primae facie evidence. There was never WMDs in Iraq. There were no incubator babies in Kuwait. But it should be abundantly clear, from the images and the medical reports, that civilians have been killed from poison gas attacks.

Edward Snowden represents more than another crack in the United States' security culture.

It is disheartening to watch the panic of the Obama administration as it attempts to have it both ways. It has spent the last week shrugging off Edward Snowden as a mere sellout with only middling access to privileged information, all the while moving heaven and earth to retrieve him. This reaction is not useful to any serious narrative. It gives credence to the notion that Snowden is a spy-for-hire, just looking for a safe haven long enough to unload his cargo of mid-level bureaucratic secrets.

Socialist Landslide in Albania

The Socialist Party of Albania has won a landslide in parliamentary elections held on June 23rd. As the lead party of the broad Alliance for a European Albania, their share of the vote increased from 40.85% to 57.7% and their seats from 65 to 84. The previous right-wing government led by the Democratic Party and their Alliance for Employment, Prosperity, and Integration, saw their votes fall from 40.18% to 39.4% and their seats from 68 to 56.


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