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For bread and roses

On this hundredth anniversary of the October Revolution, for what it's worth, I don't want to mark it for the men and women who seized power in Russia. Right or wrong, they can and ought to be judged critically but fairly.

I want to mark this anniversary for the nameless millions of men and women, young and old, of all cultures, of all ethnic backgrounds, of all genders and sexualities, who have fought so valiantly --

For dignity. The dignity of each child to grow to their full potential and to flourish as a human being.

Reorganizing The Executive Branch

None of this surprises, of course. It's been a long-term project of the Right to serve the best interests of the capitalist masters (while throwing some breadcrumbs to the masses whom they really despise).

But the scope and ambition of their project is breathtaking, a real seismic moment in history. And no laughing matter.

Common Themes

If you boycott Uber, remember that Hugo Boss designed uniforms for the Nazi SS using slave labor, and Hitler enjoyed a fine Mercedes Benz.

And George W. Bush's granddad helped American finance outmaneuver the embargo against the Nazis, while Trump and his father made millions off federal subsidies helping poor black families get affordable housing, and then millions more tearing that housing down to build the modern playground for the rich that is NYC.

The Refugee Deal Stinks

To be quite honest, I couldn't care less about President Trump's phone call with Prime Minister Turnbull.

Both are callous, selfish millionaires running volatile coalitions of racist, sexist, unapolegetically capitalist halfwits. Governments that are enacting brutal regimes of unlawful violence and intimidation against the world's most vulnerable, something Mr Trump's and Mr Turnbull's predecessors were not immune from either.

Mr Trump is right for the wrong reason: The refugee deal stinks.

No "Post-Truth" World

Oscar Wilde said that truth is independent of the facts always. Seldom has a truer truth been aired.

There is no "post-truth" world now dawning.

Truth has always been elusive, managed, hidden, denied.

What is dawning (again, as has happened plenty of times before) is an age of contested truths, independent of the facts, as always.

Climate change is a war against you.

Let's be clear: climate change is not just capitalism's reckless pillaging of the earth; climate change is a war against you.

Climate change is the enrichment of a minority of human beings who care not an iota about their fellow human beings or life on earth.

What use is life on earth when life for the few is just so sweet?

For them, climate change will be an inconvenience at most.

They will have their gated communities, walled cities, fortified borders, automated luxuries, and squillions of dollars.

They play us like pawns, one against the other.

Trumpism : A neoliberal and revanchist assault

Trump ran the most openly misogynistic, racist and homophobic campaign in U.S. history.

But he and his right-wing establishment support took advantage of fear and anxiety that have gripped a large part of the American population.

Michael Moore is right: rightly or wrongly, millions of white Americans—middle-class and educated, working class and poorly educated—did not exercise their right to vote, or, in a giant “Fuck You” to the liberal establishment, voted for Trump.

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