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Anti-capitalist Libertarian

I am anti-capitalist but I am Libertarian to the core as far as social values. People can literally do anything that is consensual and not hurting anyone and not only is it fine but it's also none of my business.

And people don't have to like what you like, and they don't have to partake in what you partake in. People are not obligated to be into you romantically or sexually and it's none of your business what someone else is into unless you are dating them.

Anti-Capitalists still need food and rent money.

Technically, it is still very possible to survive as a squatter living off the margins of society. You don’t HAVE to have much money to survive, if you are healthy and don’t need to see doctors or dentists and don’t have any special dietary needs or children to take care of. This condition of self imposed poverty, while it can be a fun adventure and give people time for self discovery and exploration, it leaves people dependent on the assistance of others who do work or have resources for simple things like rides and anything that cannot be picked up for free or cheap.

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