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Our New Ally

Introducing Saudi Arabia, our new ally in the War on Terror. Last month Saudi Arabia publicly beheaded 23 people for crimes including possession of hashish, adultery, sedition, blasphemy, apostasy, sorcery and witchcraft. About half of all people executed in Saudi Arabia are foreigners. Saudi courts, which are held in closed session, found a number of people sentenced to death were mentally unfit, but executed them anyway. Not that those courts are usually required.

Defending Our Way of Life

Last week while 800 police officers were engaged in the largest police raid in Australian history, the Gold Coast council voted 10 to 5 against the proposal to build a Mosque in Currumbin. A number of councillors who had originally supported the proposal said they had changed their vote after receiving death threats. One female councillor, Chris Robbins was also threatened with pack rape.

Ebola Dreaming

Nothing highlights the bankruptcy of the deregulation, corporatisation, privatisation and globalisation revolution that has swept the world over the past three decades than the human and economic devastation caused by the Ebola epidemic in Western Africa. Over a decade ago all the pure research that was needed to embark on a vaccination trial had been carried out, all that was needed was a billion dollars to carry out that trial.

Barrie Cassidy's satire

In what I at first assumed to be satire Barrie Cassidy has called for Scott Morrison to be given unprecedented powers to fight terrorism, lining him up as our next PM.

Coalition Government School for the Entitled

Coalition Government School for the Entitled
Class of 2014 Report Card
Teacher: Mr Abbott

Julie Bishop
Subject: Geography
Being the only girl in class Julie really brightens up the room. Keep it up Julie. A

Joe Hockey
Subject: Economics
Joe has worked hard at his maths this year and can now calculate the distance covered if a car travels at 20 miles per hour for 30 minutes, provided it isn't being driven by a poor person. Good work Joe. A

It's a pity about West Papua

It's a pity the Federal government, the Federal opposition and the fourth estate in Australia, including the Sunday Age's "Bishop vows to tackle Iraq threat", "Obama expands on plan to 'degrade' Islamic State" (7/9), outrage at the cold blooded public execution of journalists, civilians and combatants by ISIS militants is not matched by their rage at events that have led to the deaths of over 500,000 West Papuans, just 200 kilometres from Darwin, over the past 50 years.

Military strikes against ISIS

President Obama today announced increased military strikes against ISIS. This amounts to extending the current strategy in Iraq of air strikes against ISIS strongholds and providing arms, training and money to ISIS's opponents into Syria. The decision to extend operations into Syria brings in some new players, and the need for a new Coalition of the Willing (or whatever they're calling it this time).

Freezing Superannuation

Last week the Abbott government made the decision to freeze compulsory superannuation contributions at 9.5% for at least the next 7 years. This decision means that by 2025 there will be $128 billion less deposited into superannuation. That’s $128 billion less to fund people’s retirement, $128 billion extra in age pensions coming out of welfare, $128 billion cut from schools, hospitals and government services to pay for it.

ISIS and Refugees

A few weeks ago Hamid Kehazaei, a 24 year old asylum seeker on Manus Island, cut his foot. Due to the Government’s cruel and petty practice of denying basic medical care to detainees the injury was left untreated. While a dab of antiseptic and a band aid was the only act of compassion required to save this man’s life, Hamid received no medical attention until he developed advanced septicaemia at which point he was airlifted to an Australian hospital where he died on arrival.

The Age of Political Entitlement

The base salary of a backbencher in the Australian parliament is $195,130. This is 2.8 times the average annual wage in Australia, making them among the highest paid politicians in the world.
The average annual increase on an MP’s base salary is 6.9%. Additionally MPs receive an electorate allowance between $32,000 and $46,000 (depending on the size of their electorate). This is treated as taxable income with the MP allowed to pocket whatever they don’t spend.


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