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Climate change is a war against you.

Let's be clear: climate change is not just capitalism's reckless pillaging of the earth; climate change is a war against you.

Climate change is the enrichment of a minority of human beings who care not an iota about their fellow human beings or life on earth.

What use is life on earth when life for the few is just so sweet?

For them, climate change will be an inconvenience at most.

They will have their gated communities, walled cities, fortified borders, automated luxuries, and squillions of dollars.

They play us like pawns, one against the other.

Fear, self-doubt, powerlessness: this is our lot. But not if we act.

Highly recommend reading Malm's latest work on the rise of capital and global warming.

Andreas Malm, Fossil Capital: The Rise of Steam Power and the Roots of Global Warming


"Let foes but steal our cash, and then
They leave us what we were -- brave men.
But could they filch our mines of coal,
They'd steal our bodies, selves, and soul.
'Tis COAL that makes our [country] great,
Upholds our commerce and our state."

- John R. Leifchild

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