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The numbers on Adani

Life of the project: 60 years

Area of project: 447km2

Estimated water usage: 12.5 billion litres per year

Amount of water Adani must return in the first 5 years: 6%

Number of bird species supported by wetlands around Abbot Point terminal: 154

Amount by which Adani have exceeded their pollution discharge limit at Abbot point to date: 800%

Volume of Great Barrier Reef seabed dredged around Abbot Point: 10,000m3

Estimated production: 2.6 billion tonnes of (mainly low grade, high ash) coal

Bruce Pascoe Exposed?

On the subject of identity, the allegation that Bruce Pascoe is not an Indigenous Australian originated from a site called "Dark Emu Exposed".

The site claims to be run by 30 independent researchers. The editor of the site is a businessman called Roger Karge, who occasionally writes opinion pieces for the Murdoch press under the title "amateur historian".

Here's what the site has to say about the other "independent" researchers:

Andrew Forrest's Donations

Sure Andrew Forrest’s $70 million donation is conditional.

Sure only $10 million is going to actual relief, while another $10 million will cover the cost of his volunteers and $50 million goes to his own think-tank.

Sure $70 million represents 0.005% of his net wealth and a minuscule fraction of the unpaid taxes he owes.

Parents would not be happy

When I was a child and we used to visit my grandma and I remember living in fear of this grumpy old curmudgeon who lived a couple of units down from her.

Her hatred of children was fanatical. She was like the witch from Hansel and Gretel, only without the pleasant demeanor and gingerbread. The mere sight of a child would sent her into a walking stick-waiving frenzy about how we were up to no good and shouldn't be allowed to roam unsupervised.

I assume that woman is long dead now, but I'm sure she'd have just loved what the Liberal Party have become.

Things Boycotts Achieve

The term “boycott” is derived from Captain Charles Boycott, an agent in Ireland for a British absentee landlord. In 1880, Boycott began evicting tenants who could not pay their rent following a particularly bad harvest. In response Boycott was socially ostracised. Shops refused to serve him, local business refused to transact with him and workers refused to tend his fields, stables and household.

In the 1930s boycotts of goods from Japan and Nazi German severely curtailed their preparations for war.

Silence about sexism

When Steve Ciobo talked of slitting Julia Gillard's throat, Julie Bishop had nothing to say.

When Peter Reith echoed those words on radio a week later, Julie Bishop had nothing to say.

When Grahame Morris said Gillard should be kicked to death, Julie Bishop had nothing to say.

When Alan Jones said Gillard should be "put into a chaff bag and thrown into the sea", Julie Bishop had nothing to say.

When Tony Abbott held a rally with signs saying “Ditch the Witch” and “Bob Brown’s Bitch”, Julie Bishop had nothing to say.

Guess which MP?

On a not entirely unrelated note, guess which MP in 2018:

Spent $20,000 to travel via a private jet from central Queensland to an ice hockey game in Melbourne, a month after spending $14,000 on a chartered flight to meet Prince Charles at a basketball game in Cairns?

Topped the list of MPs’ travel expenses spending $652,697 on herself and her staff, and spent at least three out of five nights in 2018 staying at hotels, billing taxpayers for more than $1,400 a week?

The Wizard of of Oz

With the governments of the US, Australia and now the UK in the hands of erratically dangerous leaders, much anger has been directed at Rupert Murdoch. I think we give the man too much credit.

It’s tempting to portray Murdoch as a modern day William Randolph Hearst, pulling the strings of government and influencing the minds of the masses with yellow journalism. Murdoch is more than happy to be seen in that light, but I suspect the reality is more pathetic.

Millennials V Baby Boomers

I find the whole Millennials V Baby Boomers thing just another iteration of the divide and conquer strategy of making people fight over their perceived differences instead of working together to achieve their actual common interests.

It’s been fuelled by a none too subtle strain of propaganda prevalent in both mainstream and social media. The way Millennials are portrayed in the media is nothing short of gaslighting. While the portrayal of Baby Boomers as a bunch of self-absorbed, property hoarding, robber barons who think the world owes them a living, is a cartoonish stereotype.

Pissed off with Labor; rightly and wrongly

A lot of people are pissed off at Labor supporting the government's tax cuts, rightly so.

A lot of people are also pissed off at Labor voting against the Greens' motion to increase the Newstart allowance, wrongly so.

Money bills cannot be introduced from the Senate, which means voting for them means voting to waste time and money on a bill that will be ruled out on a point of order when it ends up in the House of Reps.

That's the reason Labor always votes against these types of bills.


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