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No "Post-Truth" World

Oscar Wilde said that truth is independent of the facts always. Seldom has a truer truth been aired.

There is no "post-truth" world now dawning.

Truth has always been elusive, managed, hidden, denied.

What is dawning (again, as has happened plenty of times before) is an age of contested truths, independent of the facts, as always.

Are we living in a liberal, egalitarian society, or a society of atomised strangers, each living in their microcosm of a complicated and fractured reality, working each day and night for a dream, a hope of something better tomorrow? Or are we invisible, hidden from view by others' prejudices, or by our own design and for ill intent? Are we free or are we oppressed? Are we defenders of human freedom or are we freedom's oppressors?

If we can learn one fundamental lesson from recent events, it is that we must grapple with the facts on the ground today, and the past, if we are to realise our dreams and hopes. We are all agents or hostages in this one life.

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