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Divided Australia

Why do we have the disability of poverty and inequality in Australia, a resource-rich country of 25 million people whose resources and agricultural land feed hundreds of millions of people around the world?

Australian society is based on divisions. Unlike horse racing, where the best horses are handicapped so an outside horse stands a chance of winning, in Australian society we handicap those with the least amount of resources and chances. This starts from birth and continues through to education where billions of taxpayers’ dollars are poured into private education.

What about work? Currently, one in seven workers in Australia are low-skilled temporary working visa holders. This influx of people has been a deliberate policy of governments over many years to break the back of the union movement and drive down wages to maximise profits for the investment class. It not only pauperises people but creates racism within the community.

Privatisation of public assets is yet another handicap in Australia. Electricity, gas, human services, health and the list goes on. No wonder we have the highest rate of mental illness in the world and one of the highest addiction rates.

If you think your life could be improved, we encourage you to join Public Interests Before Corporate Interests (PIBCI). We have policies which address all these issues. We encourage you to join today so that we can register as a federal political party before the next federal election.
www.pibci. net
PO BOX 20, Parkville VIC 3052
0439 395 489

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