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Housing Affordability

Housing affordability will be the single most important issue Australians will have to grapple with in 2017. Increasing numbers of Australians living on the streets, in their cars and couch surfing is only the tip of an iceberg that is having a significant impact on an increasing number of Australians. The current malaise can be directly attributed to the subcontracting of the public housing sector by governments to both the non-profit and for profit private sector.

Abolishing the Australian States

I know how it can be done.

The States, under the Constitution, gave voluntarily give up land to the Commonwealth (such as Jervis Bay Territory).


I find it difficult to believe the Andrews led Labor government can get it so wrong when it comes to public housing. Traditionally Labor governments have built and managed public housing to put a roof over people’s heads who have difficulty in accessing both the private rental market and the home ownership market. A strong public housing sector puts downward pressure on private rents and housing prices especially for first home buyers.

Democracy and Democratic cut-offs

In the period since the end of the Cold War (c. 1991), there has been an upsurge in the number of states around the world that define themselves as ‘democracies’. So too this has been the case in Southeast Asia, if incomplete in some areas and with reversals in others. This is in part due to the turn towards electoral processes in formerly authoritarian client states that have since lost the patronage of one or other of the two then superpowers.

Turkey, the Kurds, and Syria

Turkey has gone so far as to outlaw Kurdish language. They recently leveled most of a Kurdish city that had become restive. Turkey correctly views Kurds as a threat to their power in the hinterlands of Anatolia. In fact all of the states with large Kurdish populations - Iraq, Syria, Turkey & Iran - have fought against them, and all (but perhaps Iran) actually got paid by the US to do it. Turkey was the largest recipient of US aid under Clinton when they were taking their shot at them.

Anti-Capitalists still need food and rent money.

Technically, it is still very possible to survive as a squatter living off the margins of society. You don’t HAVE to have much money to survive, if you are healthy and don’t need to see doctors or dentists and don’t have any special dietary needs or children to take care of. This condition of self imposed poverty, while it can be a fun adventure and give people time for self discovery and exploration, it leaves people dependent on the assistance of others who do work or have resources for simple things like rides and anything that cannot be picked up for free or cheap.

You'd better watch out

Peter Dutton would like to wish you all a merry Christmas, and you’d better all damn well wish him one back.

Like the good Christian he claims to be, the minister for Immigration has decided to use the Christmas season to stir up more division and hatred among Australians. ‘Tis the season to be vigilant, yes Dutton is calling for people to “rise up” and defend Christmas against the dreaded scourge of “political correctness gone mad”.

Burn the flag on inauguration day!

Let's welcome our new Commander in Chief by demonstrating how little he knows about the Constitution of the United States. Each incoming president is required on inauguration day to take the oath of office, affirming to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution." But Trump proved his ignorance of this document when he recently wrote, "Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag -- if they do, there must be consequences -- perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail!" The Supreme Court, however, thinks otherwise.

No "Post-Truth" World

Oscar Wilde said that truth is independent of the facts always. Seldom has a truer truth been aired.

There is no "post-truth" world now dawning.

Truth has always been elusive, managed, hidden, denied.

What is dawning (again, as has happened plenty of times before) is an age of contested truths, independent of the facts, as always.

Climate change is a war against you.

Let's be clear: climate change is not just capitalism's reckless pillaging of the earth; climate change is a war against you.

Climate change is the enrichment of a minority of human beings who care not an iota about their fellow human beings or life on earth.

What use is life on earth when life for the few is just so sweet?

For them, climate change will be an inconvenience at most.

They will have their gated communities, walled cities, fortified borders, automated luxuries, and squillions of dollars.

They play us like pawns, one against the other.


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