Israel Lobby Hasbarists

Funny that Israel Lobby hasbarists still spend so much time attacking the push to recognize Palestine.

Yesterday they told me that NSW Labor's recognition of Palestine was worthless symbolism, that it meant nothing, that it was 'just a pissing contest.'

But the hasbarist's argument goes both ways: if it was a waste of time pushing it, then why did they work so hard rejecting it?

So I hope the hasbarists also direct their attacks at their own Israel Lobby. The Lobby worked in overdrive to silence Palestine advocates and Bob Carr, to shut this debate down, and to reject the recognition of Palestine.

They are at least half right. This was a waste of time on the Israel Lobby's part. They lost soundly but justice won.

There will be many more wasted and losing efforts on the Israel Lobby's part. Justice for Palestine is gaining wider support every year. Palestinians deserve a state and Israel's tired excuses are wearing out.

Hopefully Jewish lobby groups will also not waste their time staying with Israel on the wrong side of history.

Instead they must get on with the only job they are supposed to do and start supporting a healthy Aussie Jewish community.

Yaakov Aharon, August 3

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