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Trumpism : A neoliberal and revanchist assault

Trump ran the most openly misogynistic, racist and homophobic campaign in U.S. history.

But he and his right-wing establishment support took advantage of fear and anxiety that have gripped a large part of the American population.

Michael Moore is right: rightly or wrongly, millions of white Americans—middle-class and educated, working class and poorly educated—did not exercise their right to vote, or, in a giant “Fuck You” to the liberal establishment, voted for Trump.

Taking it back from Trump

There are a lot of ideas bouncing around about how Donald Trump won the election. Many centre on the somewhat patronising theory that anxious blue-collar voters supported Trump because they feel disenfranchised by the system and want change. To be sure there are many blue collar voters who are rightly anxious. Many of them want meaningful change. Some of them supported Trump.

Syria Update: Aleppo, Raqqa, and Mosul

SYRIA UPDATE: Another week, another massive offensive being launched to retake a major city. Last week the rebels began a major offensive against Aleppo, and today the Kurds began an offensive to capture the area around Raqqa, the capital city of ISIS. There's also the ongoing offensive against Mosul, and we may see offensives against al-Bab and Douma before the year is out.

The Great Australian Welfare Swindle

Social Services minister Christian Porter has announced the government’s latest News Limited sponsored pogrom against welfare. Porter is claiming that an unemployed, single parent with four children receives nearly $3,000 per year more on welfare than if they were on a median full-time wage.

"Double dipping rort to continue"

The banner used by Channel Nine news this evening for a story about the government having difficulties pushing though changes to paid maternity leave in time for the start of next year.

Not the banner used for the story about Joe Hockey (the guy who came up with the 'double dipping' line) billing tax payers $2,500 in babysitting fees, while collecting his $360,000 annual salary as US Ambassador and a $90,000 per annum parliamentary pension. They didn't run that story.

PM's Playmate of the Month - Miss October

NAME: Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

VITAL STATISTICS: 4.1% First Preference Vote, $1.2 million AEC Funding, 4 Senate Seats

HEIGHT: 1998 Qld State Election





GOALS: To live in a free and tolerant Australia where anyone who doesn’t conform to our idea of how Australians should look, act and sound, should leave.

TURN ONS: Racism, Deadbeat Dads, On-Line Gaming.

Syria Update: Tel Rifaat

Oh, nice. It looks like the Turkish backed rebels who had been attacking the Kurds have decided not to wage a bloody battle for Tel Rifaat and will instead do what they're supposed to be doing, which is taking al-Bab from ISIS. Or they're going to pounce on the regime and try to lift the siege of Aleppo from the north. Either way, I think the Kurds have learned their lesson about expanding where they're not supposed to expand.

Stay out of politics

"Stay out of politics and stick with human rights"
Christopher Pyne commenting on Human Rights Commissioner Gillian Triggs

When you stick with human rights and stay out of politics you end up with the Coalition government's Border Protection policies.

When you stick with human rights and stay out of politics you end up with the Labor party supporting those policies.

When you stick with human rights and stay out of politics you end up with psychopaths like Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton presiding over those brutal, costly and ultimately pointless policies.

O'Brien V One Nation

As many of you already know, I've recently committed to running as a Senate candidate for Victoria at the next Federal election.

How did that happen?
Last week newly elected One Nation Senator for NSW, Brian Burston delivered his maiden speech to Parliament. During the speech Burston made a number of incredulous claims including lamenting that we never hear about the First Fleet. So I wrote him a response:

The Times They Are A-Changin'

- With apologies to Bob Dylan

Come gather 'round people where ever you roam
And see funding for services cut to the bone
By a pack of incompetent, self-serving drones
Their fat arses are all that they're savin'
For three years the economy's sunk like a stone,
Oh the times they are a' changin'!


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