Modern Zionism

Zionism is often called the belief in the Jewish people's right to self-determination.
But Modern Zionism is not self-determination. It is Jewish statism and Jewish nationalism.
I believe in Jewish self-determination: our human right to politically organize, and to have religious Jewish courts for Jews who want to settle disputes through interpretations of Jewish law.

It's a shame that Modern Zionists have such little debate over definition, and even less debate about whether a Jewish state should exist, but before the foundation of Israel it was common.

For example, one of Zionism's great thinkers, Ahad Ha'am, called for a 'Spiritual Zionism.' In this case Zionism meant a belief in keeping Jewish identity and culture alive, and spiritual meant that for us to achieve Zionism we must rely on loose interpretations of the Torah as our canon text and cultural centre.
If we go by Ahad Ha'am's definition, I am still a Zionist.

When I'm not discussing this particular nuance I often choose to overlook it for simplicity's sake and instead call myself a 'non-Zionist.'

And if we go by his definition, the Aussie Jewish community is failing to keep Jewish identity alive with it's Modern Zionism. In 2011 there were 96,000 self-identifying Aussie Jews and in 2016 there were 6,000 less.

Despite the existence of Israel, the Aussie Jewish community is dying out and our identity is dying out. Why?

Our leaders are so out of touch; they rarely meet Jews who have been made outsiders by their divisive leadership, and so it doesn't occur to them that the reason Jewish identity is dying out is them.

Sure, our Aussie Zionist leaders talk a lot about Israel's right to exist, but when will they begin to nurture their own Aussie community?

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