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Actually, Nazis are still bad

1. Richard Spencer himself says being punched in the face in public has made him afraid to speak out in public and raised the social cost of being a fascist. Thus, punching him in the face is literally endorsed by him as having been effective.

Collective Amnesia

Collective amnesia is a central component of every day existence in a community that has no time for the past. Life is all about now, unfortunately for societies like Australia, the past fashions the present. I'm not going to bore you with the significant crack that has developed in the Australian colonisation myth. The national confusion surrounding Australia / Invasion Day is slowly, very slowly (like a man moving a mountain with a spoon) seeping into the minds of an increasing number of Australians.

Inside and Outside

Housing affordability is as we all know, a critical issue in Australia today. Over the past two decades state governments and successive Federal governments have pursued a policy of privatising public housing. Defend And Extend Public Housing (DAEPH) was formed three months ago to ensure the case for public housing was at the forefront of the housing affordability debate.

The Shambling Mound's Second Week

The chaos continues, as The Shambling Mound completes its second week as elected mayor of the most important local council in the global village. After introducing new levels of madness in his first week, Lord Dampnut turned his attention to foreign affairs. After all, a suffrance shared is a suffrance doubled, and we all know how Lord Dampnut loves things big.

An open letter to President Trump

Dear President Trump,

We in Australia read with dismay that you were rude and disrespectful during a phone conversation with our esteemed Prime Minister Malcolm Trumble. Frankly sir, this reflects very poorly on your understanding of international diplomacy, and in particular your understanding of US-Australian relations.

Australian Prime Ministers have a long and proud tradition of sucking up to US Presidents. Yet not since William Stanley Bruce has this nation elected so consummate a lickspittle as Mr Trumble to be our Prime Minister.

Planting Seeds

Political activists are at their very core, farmers. Like farmers we plant seeds, water, tend to them and wait for them to grow. Sometimes we plant seeds on barren ground and they never grow. Other times we plant them in fertile soil but don’t have the time and resources to water and tend them and they grow and wither. Sometimes future generations discover the seeds you planted on barren ground, replant them and tend and water them until they blossom. Sometimes those seeds grow beyond our expectations.

Common Themes

If you boycott Uber, remember that Hugo Boss designed uniforms for the Nazi SS using slave labor, and Hitler enjoyed a fine Mercedes Benz.

And George W. Bush's granddad helped American finance outmaneuver the embargo against the Nazis, while Trump and his father made millions off federal subsidies helping poor black families get affordable housing, and then millions more tearing that housing down to build the modern playground for the rich that is NYC.

The Refugee Deal Stinks

To be quite honest, I couldn't care less about President Trump's phone call with Prime Minister Turnbull.

Both are callous, selfish millionaires running volatile coalitions of racist, sexist, unapolegetically capitalist halfwits. Governments that are enacting brutal regimes of unlawful violence and intimidation against the world's most vulnerable, something Mr Trump's and Mr Turnbull's predecessors were not immune from either.

Mr Trump is right for the wrong reason: The refugee deal stinks.

Completely Intolerable

It’s ironical the Indonesian Foreign Minister, Retno Marsudi, has labelled the flying of the West Papuan Morning Star flag on the roof of the Indonesian Consulate in Melbourne as “a criminal act that is completely intolerable” – The Age 28th January.

What’s a criminal act and completely intolerable is the Indonesian takeover of West Papua and the resultant deaths of over 500,000 West Papuans over the past 60 years as a direct consequence of the Indonesian annexation of the country.

The Shambling Mound's First Week

It's hard to keep up with the chaos that's happening in the United States' government at the moment, which has led me to start tracking, on a weekly basis, the shambolic chaos that is the Trump presidency. To be honest, I am not surprised by the policies being proposed by the Trump administration, they're exactly what was expected. Likewise as expected is the utter incompetence and toadying to the billionaire class as it is being carried out.


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