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Democracy in the Jewish Community

It needs to be said again, I am not pushing non-Zionism; I am pushing for democracy in the Jewish community.

Yes, I am a non-Zionist. But Israel is a goliath an ocean away and David’s slingshots don’t pack that sort of range. I am much more frustrated at Zionism in Sydney’s Jewish community, and the way it shuts out any Jews who disagree with them.
In Sydney it isn’t only Zionism that shuts others out. Anyone who’s different is constantly reminded that they do not belong here.

Right of Return

Israel's 'right of return' is the same as the White Australia immigration policy.
Jews are given special consideration over non-Jews if they wish to 'return' to their Jewish homeland, even if they are converts to Judaism without ancestral connection to the land.

Now extremist rabbis have taken control, dominating the already morally warped conversation. They have blacklisted any rabbis with a liberal interpretation of the conversion process.

Not An Anti-Zionist Activist

I am not an anti-Zionist activist.

Anti-Semitic Semites

"Arabs cannot be anti-Semitic because they are Semites."

Yes, Arabs are Semites. No, anti-Semitism doesn't mean being against Semites. It is more complicated than that.

The word 'anti-Semitism' was coined by proto-Nazis in the late 19th century to refer specifically to Jews. Luckily for Semites, the Nazis didn't hate most of them; they mostly hated Jewish Semites. This meaning will not ever change. It's use by Nazis became viral, and at this stage, so did the act of anti-Semitism as Jew hatred become viral: it was called the Holocaust.

Palestine's First Political Assassination

On this day in 1924 Palestine’s first political assassination took place.

A Zionist Haganah terrorist shot the Jewish poet, writer and non-Zionist political activist, Jacob Israël de Haan as he left his local synagogue. Haganah's tacticts laid the foundations of the modern IDF.

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