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Trump's Politics to Australia via Israel

How Trump’s far-right politics could reach Australian shores — thanks to Israeli influence

Right now Malcolm Turnbull is schmoozing with the most right wing leader Israel has ever had, Bibi Netanyahu, to celebrate a victory for a one hundred year old war that we had no business fighting.

And three days ago it was announced that Australia signed a multi-billion dollar deal with Rafael, an Israeli arms company.

This past month police dressed a terrorist in a keffiyeh, the Palestinian scarf shown below, as a prop for a police drill.

A little bit of racism

Three days ago my mate Michael Brull wrote on article in New Matilda.

Yesterday, Senator Sydney Sam Dastyari was harassed by a group of obvious racists.

The group was led by 'Nazi Neil' Erikson, a man convicted for stalking a rabbi, and a close friend of far-right Zionist 'Ozraeli' Avi Yemini.

Annexing the West Bank

If you still believe Bibi Netanyahu, Israel's PM, wants any sort of peace you are living a delusion.

"The Jordan Valley will always remain a part of Israel," Bibi Netanyahu said last week at a ceremony celebrating 50 years of occupation of the West Bank.

Let's unwrap this.

Except for Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has lifted the ban on women driving cars this past month.
We hear it often from Islamophobes: “how is Islam a feminist, peaceful religion if it doesn’t allow women to drive cars and stones gay people?”

Zionists appropriate this argument for themselves: “why does the antisemitic media single out the Jewish State and ignore that Islam doesn’t let women to yada yada yada and stones gay people?”

Whatever, it’s all white noise to me. They couldn’t be more wrong.

From the River to the Sea

Let's debunk the myth:

the popular chant "from the river to the sea/ Palestine will be free" has nothing to do with making Palestine 'free of Jews'.

William Cooper Spoke Up

Sometimes it's asked why the good citizens of the world didn't do more to stop the Holocaust; because - so the answer goes - the world did not know the Holocaust was happening.

But we know that this is false. Good people spoke up, but those with power did not want to listen.

In 1938, William Cooper of the Yorta Yorta people led a march on Australia's Parliament House to protest the Night of Broken Glass massacre against German Jews.

The Hummus Wars

'The Hummus Wars' of Israel-Palestine dish up the most trivial but informative, bizarre but common-sense cross-section of the land’s politics.

Since its independence in 1948, Israeli cuisine has been widely exported from Jerusalem’s street markets to Western shopping malls. They sell ‘Israeli food’; hummus, falafel, pita, shwarma.

Ely the Nazi

‘Ely the Nazi’, as he is known to his foot soldiers, was the ringleader of Tel Aviv’s Nazi gang ‘Patrol 36’.

His real name is Erik Bonite and his story is a classic example of the clusterfuck political experiment that is Israel’s immigration policy.

Ely the Nazi explains who he is in simple terms that everyone can understand: "my grandfather was a half-Jewboy. I will not have children so that this trash will not be born with even a tiny per cent of Jewboy blood."

PEPs: Progressives Except Palestine

I was once protesting among thousands of Sydneysiders, from all backgrounds, in support of refugees.

Israel Remains Divided

The first time Israel hypnotized me, it was with the litter of history’s artifacts sitting untouched by the side of every highway.

Israel’s history was so rich, we were taught, that the rubble of limestone houses lining Israel’s highways can come from any empire between the Ottomans and the Ancient Israelites. How incredible, I thought, that these ruins have preserved themselves so well over thousands of years; our Israeli tour guide explained that it was because much of Israel were uninhabited for many years.


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