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From the River to the Sea

Let's debunk the myth:

the popular chant "from the river to the sea/ Palestine will be free" has nothing to do with making Palestine 'free of Jews'.

William Cooper Spoke Up

Sometimes it's asked why the good citizens of the world didn't do more to stop the Holocaust; because - so the answer goes - the world did not know the Holocaust was happening.

But we know that this is false. Good people spoke up, but those with power did not want to listen.

In 1938, William Cooper of the Yorta Yorta people led a march on Australia's Parliament House to protest the Night of Broken Glass massacre against German Jews.

The Hummus Wars

'The Hummus Wars' of Israel-Palestine dish up the most trivial but informative, bizarre but common-sense cross-section of the land’s politics.

Since its independence in 1948, Israeli cuisine has been widely exported from Jerusalem’s street markets to Western shopping malls. They sell ‘Israeli food’; hummus, falafel, pita, shwarma.

Ely the Nazi

‘Ely the Nazi’, as he is known to his foot soldiers, was the ringleader of Tel Aviv’s Nazi gang ‘Patrol 36’.

His real name is Erik Bonite and his story is a classic example of the clusterfuck political experiment that is Israel’s immigration policy.

Ely the Nazi explains who he is in simple terms that everyone can understand: "my grandfather was a half-Jewboy. I will not have children so that this trash will not be born with even a tiny per cent of Jewboy blood."

PEPs: Progressives Except Palestine

I was once protesting among thousands of Sydneysiders, from all backgrounds, in support of refugees.

Israel Remains Divided

The first time Israel hypnotized me, it was with the litter of history’s artifacts sitting untouched by the side of every highway.

Israel’s history was so rich, we were taught, that the rubble of limestone houses lining Israel’s highways can come from any empire between the Ottomans and the Ancient Israelites. How incredible, I thought, that these ruins have preserved themselves so well over thousands of years; our Israeli tour guide explained that it was because much of Israel were uninhabited for many years.

Israel Lobby Hasbarists

Funny that Israel Lobby hasbarists still spend so much time attacking the push to recognize Palestine.

Yesterday they told me that NSW Labor's recognition of Palestine was worthless symbolism, that it meant nothing, that it was 'just a pissing contest.'

But the hasbarist's argument goes both ways: if it was a waste of time pushing it, then why did they work so hard rejecting it?

Modern Zionism

Zionism is often called the belief in the Jewish people's right to self-determination.
But Modern Zionism is not self-determination. It is Jewish statism and Jewish nationalism.
I believe in Jewish self-determination: our human right to politically organize, and to have religious Jewish courts for Jews who want to settle disputes through interpretations of Jewish law.

It's a shame that Modern Zionists have such little debate over definition, and even less debate about whether a Jewish state should exist, but before the foundation of Israel it was common.

Democracy in the Jewish Community

It needs to be said again, I am not pushing non-Zionism; I am pushing for democracy in the Jewish community.

Yes, I am a non-Zionist. But Israel is a goliath an ocean away and David’s slingshots don’t pack that sort of range. I am much more frustrated at Zionism in Sydney’s Jewish community, and the way it shuts out any Jews who disagree with them.
In Sydney it isn’t only Zionism that shuts others out. Anyone who’s different is constantly reminded that they do not belong here.

Right of Return

Israel's 'right of return' is the same as the White Australia immigration policy.
Jews are given special consideration over non-Jews if they wish to 'return' to their Jewish homeland, even if they are converts to Judaism without ancestral connection to the land.

Now extremist rabbis have taken control, dominating the already morally warped conversation. They have blacklisted any rabbis with a liberal interpretation of the conversion process.


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