From the River to the Sea

Let's debunk the myth:

the popular chant "from the river to the sea/ Palestine will be free" has nothing to do with making Palestine 'free of Jews'.

It is a chant of liberation and freedom, not of ethnic cleansing and fear. Any distortion of this is at best lacking common sense, and at worst malicious slander.
The uncomfortable truth is that Palestinians are not free under Israeli apartheid. There are separate laws that keep the people apart on the basis of their ethnicity.
In the West Bank, Jewish settlers are governed by domestic Israeli law while Palestinians are treated as enemies under military law. There are Jewish-only and Palestinian-only roads and neighborhoods, often separated by towering concrete barriers, barbed wire, and rotting landfill.

But even for Palestinians not living under military law, but living inside of Israel under it's domestic law, there are still 65 laws that - mostly explicitly - discriminate against Palestinians on the basis of their national belonging. (see the Adalah database)
Palestinians live under Israel in an open prison, an obvious apartheid, and stripped of their most basic freedom: to live with dignity.

The solution is obvious: equal rights under one unified state where "from the river to the sea/ Palestinians (and Jews, and everyone) are free"

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