Ely the Nazi

‘Ely the Nazi’, as he is known to his foot soldiers, was the ringleader of Tel Aviv’s Nazi gang ‘Patrol 36’.

His real name is Erik Bonite and his story is a classic example of the clusterfuck political experiment that is Israel’s immigration policy.

Ely the Nazi explains who he is in simple terms that everyone can understand: "my grandfather was a half-Jewboy. I will not have children so that this trash will not be born with even a tiny per cent of Jewboy blood."

When the Israeli government arrested his gang in 2008, they uncovered a massive collection of videos of Patrol 36 violence against Jews, TNT, guns, knives, and Nazi memorabilia.
Because Ely’s grandfather was a ‘half-Jewboy’, Israel’s ‘law of return’ immigration policy heavily favoured him over non-Jews and, of course, over Palestinians. The immigration policy is manifest of Israel’s paranoia of an antisemitic world that may still be capable of a second Holocaust.

Israel still carries a lot of trauma on its shoulders. A generation of Israelis are old enough to be Holocaust survivors, or to have been expelled from Arab countries angry after Israel’s formation. They expect history will repeat itself if Palestinians get a state.
The immigration policy is therefore to ensure Jewish survival by favouring immigrants that will add and reinforce Israel’s Jewish majority.

And because this is all about avoiding a potential second Holocaust, when the Israelis designed their law of return to favour Jews, they plagiarized, almost verbatim, the Nazi’s definition of who is Jewish. They wanted the immigration policy to favour Jews, so they could always find a safe haven in the Jewish State.

Nazi’s designed their race law vaguely by purpose, and that is why it was perfect for Israel to adopt and manipulate for its racial immigration agenda.

The Nazis focused, as they do, on genetics and ancestry: if one of your grandparents is Jewish, you are Jewish. If your grandfather is not Jewish but himself has a Jewish grandfather, then he is still classified as Jewish and so are you. The Nazis could go into anyone’s ancestry, claim to have found a Jew, and squash you out instantly if you made trouble.

Similarly, in Israel’s attempt to keep their Jewish majority, they closed their borders to Palestinian refugees while ushering in anyone they could pretend was Jewish, including the 'half Jew-boy’, Ely the Nazi, and his Patrol 36 gang.

Israel’s immigration policy was meant as a poetic symbol of the Jewish nation’s survival and Nazi’s defeat. But it was always going to be a disaster because the Nazi definition of Jews is far from well-intentioned, correct, or suitable for a ‘Jewish State’.

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