Except for Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has lifted the ban on women driving cars this past month.
We hear it often from Islamophobes: “how is Islam a feminist, peaceful religion if it doesn’t allow women to drive cars and stones gay people?”

Zionists appropriate this argument for themselves: “why does the antisemitic media single out the Jewish State and ignore that Islam doesn’t let women to yada yada yada and stones gay people?”

Whatever, it’s all white noise to me. They couldn’t be more wrong.

All Islamic countries let women drive cars except for Saudi Arabia and that’s cause it’s stuck in the 7th fucking century. Same goes for stoning gay people – it doesn’t happen anywhere else.

This doesn’t reflect on Islam; it only reflects on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a corrupt and vile mafia-state. It is the birthplace of Islam’s most extreme beliefs: the violent Salafi and Wahhabi sects. It’s no surprise that most of 9/11’s terrorists came from Saudi Arabia, and its billionaires continue to funnel money to ISIS today. The state openly funds Al-Qaeda factions in Syria, Libya and Yemen (Al-Nusra Front, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, and AQAP in Yemen – respectively)

So when Trump instated, reinstated, and then re-re-instated his travel ban on Muslim countries: why would he not include the most violent and radical Islamic state in his ban? Why would he sell them half a billion dollars of weapons, trade intelligence, and continue to assist them and their Al-Qaeda group to commit genocide in Yemen?

The answer is simple: America’s War on Terror is a farce. Its just an excuse for blind aggression against an invisible enemy that is wherever we say it is. The travel ban is just a list of countries Trump has deemed to be ‘baddies.’ Saudi Arabia buys American and Israeli weapons for its terrorist war crimes, therefore Saudi Arabia are the ‘goodies.’

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