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Democracy in the Jewish Community

It needs to be said again, I am not pushing non-Zionism; I am pushing for democracy in the Jewish community.

Yes, I am a non-Zionist. But Israel is a goliath an ocean away and David’s slingshots don’t pack that sort of range. I am much more frustrated at Zionism in Sydney’s Jewish community, and the way it shuts out any Jews who disagree with them.
In Sydney it isn’t only Zionism that shuts others out. Anyone who’s different is constantly reminded that they do not belong here.

The community must be open to discussion with Zionists and anti-Zionists, reform and orthodox, converts and those born in the shtetl mentality, Ashkenazim and Mizrahim, and everyone in between.

The lack of democracy hurts everyone. It hurts the people who are excluded: their Jewish identity is erased and they are denied the right to be part of a community. And it hurts the people who are included: they are being denied a diverse range of views and a healthy community.

Some anti-Zionists aren’t for a democratic community. Sometimes these people telling me how to speak to my own community are Jews, and it’s even worse when it’s not. These people simply refuse to talk to Zionists. They tell me that because I still talk to Zionists e.g. family, childhood friends, it makes me a ‘closet Zionist.’ They can fuck off.
“but yaakov omg liek how could you support zionist voices when they kill palestinian children?”

No. This isn’t about the way Israeli Zionists treat Palestinians. The most good I can do for Palestinians is to change Australian Zionist’s minds by having a free flow of ideas between me and them. Meanwhile, the lack of democracy here is an issue that is much closer to home.
Let’s think -- if nothing else -- practically for a moment. We already don’t have democracy in the community. If you are an anti-Zionist and you are for censoring unacceptable opinions, it won’t be Zionists who are deemed ‘unacceptable:’ it will be you. You will be censored.
Anti-Zionists should support democracy for two reasons. (1) Democracy is a good cause in itself and (2) suddenly the Jewish community will have an open ear to the many anti-Zionists it has excluded over the years, the community will change from within, and the conversation will organically shift left.

Democracy is the one political idea you can’t hate on. If it were a book it would be Harry Potter; if it were music it would be Red Hot Chilli Peppers; and if it were food it would be bacon.

Orthodox Jews are already losing their kids to bacon because it's just too fucking delicious. Just wait till our ‘leaders’ have to fight against democracy. They will lose.

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