Australia, we gotta change the date.

Australia did not begin on January 26, 1788. It is a lie. Our First People lived here for 60,000 years before our colonization, and Australian civil society began millenia before the British arrived and massacred.

It's not so different from Israel-Palestine.

But the British believed the land belonged to them. They had no good intentions to assimilate into Aboriginal Australian society or, as we now say, 'don't like it, don't stay.'

For the first few years, it was observed that Aboriginals tended to work less hours a week than an average Australian worker, and they lived long, healthy lives.

So Australia Day commemorates the deterioration of Australia. It is a day of loss and also mourning. From the first day onwards the British disrespected the land, began centuries of genocide against First People, and sold thousands of Aboriginal slaves on the Blackbirding slave market.

And then the British built the colony up their way on the backs of Irish and Scottish slave labour.

Switch the narrative and learn the history. TBF Australia and Israel have certainly read the same How to Colonize 101 Textbook. The Palestinians and Australian First People have much in common as well.

For Australia, it's time to reform the flag, change the date. and treaty now.

For Israel it's time for a one-state solution, and the right of return for Palestinians. They have been colonized for too long

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