How Should Palestinians Resist?

Everytime I see Israeli media talk about 'the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement' I roll my eyes. It has outed itself as fake news.

Solidarity with the Palestinian people is the movement. BDS is a tactic to get there.

It's a tactic endorsed and beginning with the Palestinians itself.

Palestinian resistance has always prided peaceful protest and civil disobedience over violent action. The human right to boycott is a basic choice we make when shopping every day.

Sometimes we make a decision to never again buy from a restaurant or shop after a bad experience. This is an act of boycott.

If someone personally avoids buying Israeli products then that is a right that no one can or should infringe on. We choose what we buy with our money.

How could they succeed on infringing on this right anyways? Will they have supermarket inspectors who enforce that BDS supporters buy Israeli snacks?

The Palestinian boycott is the ultimate act of resistance through peaceful protest.

Israelis do not let the Palestinian people breathe, and they have been left with no choice but to resist. I attended a protest with Hamde Abu Rahma when Israeli soldiers teargassed us from the top of a hill because we were waving Palestinian flags.

Palestinian flag waving is a crime punishable by teargas; so Palestinians say that 'to exist is to resist.' Boycott is a right we intrinsically have as an act of our existence. We choose what we buy with our money.

Do not let Israelis make a big ruckus about 'Palestinian terrorism' in Jerusalem. The Israelis have escalated this violence themselves by slowly annexing the city, crawling their borders forward like a vine, and strangling the Palestinians through a corrupt and apartheid legislature.

They want to make life unlivable for a Palestinian in Jerusalem, until they can squeeze these people from the city and make it 'the eternal, undivided capital of the Jewish people' (Bibi Netanyahu's words, not mine)

Israeli law governs the Palestinian Territories by military law, but it's Jewish settlers living on Palestinian land - sometimes as neighbours - are governed more leniently by Israeli domestic law.

Resistance is a must. Israelis believe they can dictate to the people they occupy under apartheid laws what the appropriate way to protest is. The answer is that there is no appropriate way to protest.

Children suspected of throwing stones are kidnapped and detained without trial. Palestinian flag-wavers are teargassed. Boycotters are profiled, interrogated at airports and checkpoints, and named as 'infiltrators.'

How should Palestinians resist your military occupation peacefully, oh Israeli soldiers in Kevlon vests?

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