Annexing the West Bank

If you still believe Bibi Netanyahu, Israel's PM, wants any sort of peace you are living a delusion.

"The Jordan Valley will always remain a part of Israel," Bibi Netanyahu said last week at a ceremony celebrating 50 years of occupation of the West Bank.

Let's unwrap this.

Bibi has also said [1] Jerusalem/Al-Quds will forever be the undivided and eternal capital of Israel and only of Israel, [2] that Israel will never withdraw from a single settlement in the illegally occupied West Bank, and [3] that Israel will forever be a Jewish state.
It should be no surprise, it's just that Israel is now more openly allergic to serious solutions than ever before. Bibi's political party, Likud, has affirmed all of this since 1999 in its Charter, except Likud went one step further all those years ago: it unconditionally rejects a Palestinian state under any circumstance.

Parties to Bibi's coalition are already aggressively pushing toward annexing the West Bank without giving Palestinians ANY voting rights. Bibi hasn't yet found the cojones to admit such a thing, but it is the only option left given his otherwise stated beliefs.

But Bibi will inevitably cave to the further and further right, and when he is ready, he will annex the West Bank with popular support from his people, while Trump and Turnbull sit on their asses and talk of 'Israel's right to safe borders to defend itself from terrorism."

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