The Australian embassy in Jerusalem

The move of the Australian embassy to Jerusalem is a cynical use of my identity as a dogwhistle for Western nationalism.

To explain we must look deeper into the alliance of so-called 'Judeo-Christian values' behind all this.

Everything about Judeo-Christian values is misleading. Jewish law is closest in style and structure to Sharia law. Over the centuries, Jews have lived in peace and perhaps as equals among Muslims. Before Israel came about, the Europeans had committed pogroms and kicked Jews out of their borders hundreds of times.

Take the Dreyfus Affair in France 1894 where after years of civil war between Catholics and Protestants, the nationalist mob blamed Jews for their losses and united from both sides for mass-lynchings. These events were followed through fifty years later by Nazi Germany.

Zionism was conceived then by European Jews in response to this European Christian brutality. A countries duty is to fight for it’s own people, but instead they lynched us. Slowly Jews adopted the push for self-determination for the sake of self-security. Therefore Antisemitic nationalists in Europe gave birth to Israel, and the trauma and colonialism that drives it.

Now that Jews have assimilated, those who preach Judeo-Christian values are the same who believe Muslims and immigrants are tearing it down.

If you believe us Australians are immune to the Trump wave, you are in for a wild ride. Australia will become only the third country, after Guatemala, to move it’s embassy to Jerusalem.

History has already shown Morrison the massacres at the Gaza border that Trump’s identical move eventually resulted in (200 Palestinians dead and 1,800 injured). This action invites the same peaceful Palestinian protests and they will be met with the same Israeli sniper fire.

The move of the US embassy was not at all a clumsy act of Trump’s but rather a cynical push for power. Our politicians do not make ‘technical errors’ like this, either here or when almost half supported Hanson’s motion that “it is okay to be white.”

This move comes at a time when Morrison is caving further than ever before to the far-right. Exactly like Malcolm Turnbull, he is ready to sell every one of his principles to not become the next failed Liberal leader.

Let’s dispel this fiction once and for all that Scott Morrison doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he's doing. Let’s look at what this shows us we must expect:

1. More violence on the Gaza border because of the embassy move.
2. An incoming Australian election season that will be as wild as Trump 2016.
3. Politicians are selling back to Jews a variant of old antisemitism, by painting Muslims as outside of Western civilization and against Judeo-Christian values.
4. This push for a clash of civilizations puts Jews at a greater risk than Islam ever could, as we know the history of when Christian fanatics and Western nationalists meet.
5. Colonial states stick together
6. Israel is gonna ride that fuckin' rollercoaster till it crashes, baby.

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