Justified Resistance

Resistance is justified when Palestine is occupied.

This is the story of Ahed Tamimi, a 16 year old Palestinian girl, who kicked and punched an Israeli soldier who raided her home armed with bulletproof vests and assault rifles as tall as her.

Let me be clear for those who may misconstrue what I am saying: I do not believe in war against Israel. I believe in boycotts, divestments, and sanctions - and anything else that clogs the occupation's gears.

I believe in non-violent civil disobedience.

But who's being violent in the arrest of Ahed Tamimi? Is it the soldier whose presence is an act of violence alone given that he trains, fights, and is ready to kill to protect land that isn't his; or is it the little girl in her backyard?

Israel's borders are crawling like a vine into the West Bank and Tamimi's village, Nabi Saleh. In 2011, her 21 year oldcousin, Mustafa, was killed by an Israeli tear gas cannister to the head. Every Friday the village gathers to exercise it's basic human right to protest and they are met with violence.

Nabi Saleh's resistance is a struggle to keep the dignity of a strangled nation. It's an admirable struggle.

But don't take it from me; take it from the Israeli ministry of education headed by ultra-nationalist MK Naftali Bennett.

This is a translation of their web page on Hannukah, where it revises history's struggle of Judah Macabee against the Ancient Greeks with Israel's birth as a state.

“If we had been in David Ben-Gurion’s [first prime minister of Israel] position, a minority against a majority, weak against strong, and the realistic chances of success were zero, would we have embarked on this historical process? Or would we have followed reason’s recommendations and opposed the creation of the state? From Hanukkah we learn that if we just take that first step, a miracle will occur. We need to do all that we can not to be merely satisfied with the present.”

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