The Unholy Alliance: Saudi Arabia and Israel

The unholy alliance: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the Jewish State of Israel

Israel has no official diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia, but someone who watches with a microscope will know that they have secretly traded weapons, intel, and strategy for years. [1][2]


How does Israel find common ground with the radical Isamists of Saudi Arabia? A political newcomer's naked eye would see natural enemies; Israel crusades through the Arab World waving the flag of Judeo-Christian values [2]; the Saudis are governed by a marriage of the radical Islamist dynasties of Saud and Wahhab [3], who contest internally for power by funding rival Al-Qaeda and ISIS factions in Syria, Libya and Yemen. [4][5]


Remember, officially Israel has no diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There are no embassies, consulates, or treaties - there is nothing, nothing at all. Israeli airlines are not even permitted to fly over Saudi airspace.

But Israel asks Saudi Arabia for permission before they bomb Lebanon, Syria, and Iran's 'Shi'ite Crescent.' Israel is a bulldog, and Donald Trump and Saudi princes have let them off the lead.[6]

[6] see Haaretz articles linked to first paragraph

Now it's been announced that the Saudis 'looking to buy' Israel's Iron Dome technology to defend itself from rockets shot by Yemen's Houthis.[7] The Saudis haven't been shy about stocking up weapons at the moment; they just spent $110 billion on weapons when Trump visited. Israel knows it has hit the big bucks.


Even the Australian minister for defence Christopher Pyne got himself wrapped up in dodgy arms deals to Saudi Arabia. [8]


How ironic that warhawks like Trump and Bibi Netanyahu are pulling the world into a new war against 'radical Islamic terrorism' while counting Saudi Arabia among it's allies.

Only recently were Saudi women allowed to drive under the law of the government. Adulterers and homosexuals are still stoned. Violent jihad against the Shia kufar is still preached in Saudi mosques and schools.

None of this has deterred Israel from signing this unholy alliance. Make no mistake: Israel is not at war against Arabs and Islam. It is at war with Iran.

In realpolitiks Henry Kissinger's wit is timeless and cutthroat. "America has no allies," he says, "only interests."

It is interests, greed and convenience that brought an Islamist and Jewish country together to drawing battle-strategies next to Donald Trump. Such alliances never last.

yaakov aharon, Jan 13

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