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World Revision - Sponsor a Millionaire II

Well my post on sponsoring a millionaire seems to have struck a chord. It’s also attracted a few messages from people accusing me of not telling the full story – so here is their side of the story:

the Political Leaders series.

With Christmas just around the corner, Commonwealth Toys ® has announced a new range of action figurines - the Political Leaders series.

Poor sales figures earlier in the year lead to the manufacturer issuing a recall of the Tony Abbott action figurine - which most children found disappointing no matter what outfit it was dressed it in.

Lance Corporal Ngati Kanohi Haapu

This is , more on him later.

In 1990 an America lawyer and author, Mike Godwin, proposed Godwin's law which states: "As an online discussion grows longer and longer the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one."

It is a common misconception that Godwin's law implies that a person loses an argument once they make a comparison to Nazism. In fact Godwin's law was proposed to reduce the incidence of inappropriate hyperbole, in other words people should think harder about the Holocaust before making glib comparisons to the Nazis.

How far we’ve come?

Forty years ago today the Whitlam government was sacked by the Governor General of Australia. In less than three years they had achieved the following:

Breaking News: Riot in Canberra Detention Centre

A spokesperson for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has confirmed that a riot is in progress at the Canberra Detention Centre. Some 123 detainees – mainly of Liberal and National Party origin – have caused significant damage to property as well as Australia’s international reputation.

World Revision - Sponsor a Millionaire

For the cost of just 15% of your groceries, bills and sundry expenses per week you can sponsor a millionaire today and make a real difference. Your donation can help make the lives of millionaires throughout Australia better.

Millionaires like:

Gina, a 61 year old girl from Western Australia. When Gina's father died she was forced to become Chairman of Hancock Prospecting where she attempts to support herself and her lawyers on less than $33 million a day.

ARU announces team changes after World Cup

Following Team Australia's unsuccessful campaign in the Rugby World Cup the ARU has announced several changes for the forthcoming test series with a number of veterans being dropped from the team.

Tighthead prop Joe Hockey has announced his retirement following a string of poor performances during the tournament. Hockey's persistent problem with dislodging his head after the ball had left the scrum had begun to make him a liability for the team. Kevin Andrews and Eric Abetz have also been dropped due to poor form.

The 2015 Australian Annual Out of Their Depth Award

Voting has begun in the people's choice category of the 2015 Out of Their Depth Award with the judges announcing the five finalists.

Much like a cockroach

In a rare display of effort, Immigration Minister Peter ‘Spud’ Dutton has proven that the Abbott government is much like a cockroach. You can remove the head but it still keeps on living. Once again demonstrating his complete inability to grasp the concept of irony, the Spud today said the government will not be bullied into watering down its policy on asylum seekers. As the cliché goes: attack is the best form of defence, and when you have an intellect as stunted as Dutton’s, a cliché is about the most complex concept you can grasp.

Send him back to Europe

In a speech to the British Conservative Party Tony Abbott has demonstrated the qualities that lost him the prime ministership less than two years after being elected to government. Abbott has advised Europe to adopt his government’s treatment of asylum seekers and escalate military action in the Middle East.

"It is the only way to prevent a tide of humanity surging through Europe and quite possibly changing it forever."


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