Merry Christmas Australia.

In what we can only hope is his final piss-take for the year, Tony Abbott has announced a cabinet reshuffle. The big news is that Scott "shoot first and refuse to answer questions later" Morrison has finally been given the opportunity to bully, intimidate and extort some genuine Aussies for a change. Morrison has been given the job of Social Services minister. Social Services is a tough gig in the Abbott government, requiring a level of meanness and insanity that even Kevin Andrews wasn't considered up to.

A Star Is Born

A Star is Born.

Lack of Respect

We were saddened by the lack of respect shown to the miners and soldiers who were killed during the Eureka uprising on the 3rd December 1854, in Ballarat during the celebrations that were held on Wednesday to mark the 160th Anniversary of the uprising. It's a pity the City of Ballarat continues to refuse to fly the Eureka flag on the main flagpole of the Town Hall on the anniversary of the Eureka massacre to acknowledge their sacrifice.

Christmas letters from Canberra

Dear Santa,

You may have misinterpreted some of the things I’ve said this year but that's not my fault. I have always told the truth. This year I have taken responsibility for fixing everything. Anything that isn’t working perfectly now is all Labor’s fault. This Christmas I would like the same as last year; a new bike and, when I come back from my skiing holiday, a bushfire with lots of photo opportunities.

Tony. Age: Mid-twenties

Dear Santa,

The economy you gave me for Christmas last year isn’t working. Can I have another one please?

You Do Not Labor In Vain

Man, having the gift of speech and the sense of right and wrong, is by nature a political animal.
- Artistotle, Politics, Book I

Capitalist mathematics

85 = The richest people on the planet whose combined wealth is greater than the poorest 3.5 billion

80% = The portion of the world’s population who live on less than $10 per day

3 billion = The number of people who live on less than $2.50 per day

1.3 billion = The number of people who live on less than half that amount

1 billion (47.6%) = The number (and proportion) of children living in poverty

22,000 = The UN estimate of how many children die each day due to malnutrition and preventable diseases

No Time for Nap Time

This Saturday is the opportunity for Victorians to rid themselves of the Napthine government, which has managed to be bumbling and boorish. But before voting it is worth remembering what the the past four years have been like - and a final reminder of in whose interests they are governing.

Don't force taxpayers to fund what they don't consent to!

"Will it be left to critics of the ABC to launch a crowdfunding campaign, so that the ABC can be funded by its supporters rather than taxpayers? Why shouldn't ABC supporters put their money where their mouth is? How can they object to that?
Free the ABC from government! and Don't force taxpayers to fund what they don't consent to!"
- Gina Rinehart on Facebook today.

Royal Commissions and Entitlement

Governments make laws but it is the legal system which interprets those laws. Our rights are protected not by the Government but by a legal system that attempts to protect our rights by ensuring those laws are applied equally and fairly to all. So a look at how Governments treat the legal system in this country is a good look at what they think of the people they govern.

The End of the Whitlam Era

The death of former Labor Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam, has unleashed a national reaction that is seldom seen when a major political figure dies. His death at 98 marks the end of an era when ordinary Australians were able to exert real pressures in shaping the political programs of this country's major political parties. The list of reforms that became law between 1972 and 1975 encompassed all areas of human activity in this country.


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