Anti-Semitic Semites

"Arabs cannot be anti-Semitic because they are Semites."

Yes, Arabs are Semites. No, anti-Semitism doesn't mean being against Semites. It is more complicated than that.

The word 'anti-Semitism' was coined by proto-Nazis in the late 19th century to refer specifically to Jews. Luckily for Semites, the Nazis didn't hate most of them; they mostly hated Jewish Semites. This meaning will not ever change. It's use by Nazis became viral, and at this stage, so did the act of anti-Semitism as Jew hatred become viral: it was called the Holocaust.

Do not, I repeat, do not ever try to hijack the word for your own non-Zionist political agenda. Semites/Levantines/Arabs can still be anti-Semites. This argument often implies that Jews used their 'illuminati-like' powers to erase the Semitic identity of Arabs for a Zionist agenda. It's a super-slippery banana peel slope to anti-Semitism AKA hatred of Jews.
I have noticed that many of the people making this claim are the same type who say that Zionism is an anti-Semitic ideology. It is not - it is a very wrong ideology, but it is not anti-Semitic.

If you believe that
(1) Semites cannot be anti-Semitic, and
(2) Zionism is anti-Semitic

You are saying Zionist Semites are anti-Semitic. You are contradicting yourself on so many levels.

Anti-Semitism is a word especially for hatred of Jews, not for hatred of Semites. If you are not Jewish, you will not teach us anything new about a hidden meaning of Semites and anti-Semitism. You will not preach to Jews that Zionist Jews are not 'true Jews'. Jews decide who are true Jews and who is not, not you.

Lastly, do you really believe you will win Zionists over by erasing their history of anti-Semitic persecution and then claiming they are Zionists?

Ideas must be sold to people in an attractive way. Discussions of Zionism and Israel can be dead-end roads because many people would rather beat each other over their heads with ideas than sell them. Don't be one of these people.

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