Palestine's First Political Assassination

On this day in 1924 Palestine’s first political assassination took place.

A Zionist Haganah terrorist shot the Jewish poet, writer and non-Zionist political activist, Jacob Israël de Haan as he left his local synagogue. Haganah's tacticts laid the foundations of the modern IDF.

Bear this in mind the next time you hear legitimate criticisms of Hamas for terrorism or for executing their traitors without charge or trial. It is unfortunate: everyone - even traitors - are entitled to charge and trial, and the death sentence is no more than state-sanctioned murder. But at least Hamas does not execute peace-workers.

In the early days of Zionism you didn’t have to be a traitor to be executed/assassinated by terrorists in the street. Today you don’t have to be a traitor to be character assassinated by Zionists without charge or trial. Anyone is game.

I am lucky. I live in the midst of a vicious debate but not on the front lines of a war. I am physically safe, unlike those who died working for peace like Rachel Corrie, or UN representatives like Count Bernadette, or like scientists in Iran, or Palestinian cartoonists in London, or 13-year-old girls walking in fields and so on and so on and so on.

The assassin was revealed in 1985 as a businessman living in Hong Kong. In an interview with Israeli TV he said: "I have done what the Haganah decided had to be done. And nothing was done without the order of Yitzhak Ben-Zvi (who later became the second president of Israel 1952-1963)... I have no regrets because he (de Haan) wanted to destroy our whole idea of Zionism."

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