Patriotism is objectively unethical

Patriotism entails loyalty to one's government. The quintessential motto of the patriot is “support our troops,” which usually just means support the government and the wars of our rulers. If you actually cared about the wellbeing of the troops, you'd be ranting and raving about unjust war and demanding that they not be put in harm's way for the sake of strengthening the power of oligarchs and the economic elite.

By fostering patriotism, you are strengthening the power of the State. A patriot will not desert or go AWOL if he is drafted, even if the war is an unjust war. The patriot will obey orders, even if that means killing innocent people. Fostering and promoting patriotism makes the State stronger and increases the ability of the State to build its empire and exploit and oppress people the world over. This is objectively unethical.

What is good? Happiness. What is evil? Suffering. The best possible world is one with infinite happiness and no suffering. The worst possible world is one where there is no happiness and the maximum amount of suffering possible. That's the basic criteria of ethics. Patriotism allows the State to be better at committing acts of aggression and exploiting people and natural resources, which in turn increases human suffering. Hence, patriotism is objectively immoral.

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