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Learning About The FIrst Fleet

"Why don't we ever learn about the First Fleet?"
-- One Nation Senator Brian Burston

Dear Brian,

The First Fleet consisted of 11 boatloads of illegal immigrants who were allowed to enter this country on January 26 1788. They came here refusing to assimilate into Australian society and began imposing their strange customs and religion on native Australians. They didn't even bother to learn the language. Soon more boats began to arrive and before long Australia had been swamped by immigrants.

The immigrants brought crime, violence and disease to Australia. They showed no gratitude towards the people whose country they had invaded, in fact they didn't even recognise that the country was theirs. It wasn't long before a culture that had existed for tens of thousands of years had been completely trashed, and native Australians had been reduced to the status of second class citizens.

Today some of the descendants of those immigrants still act like they own the place. I know of one person (let's call him Brian) who gets paid more than $200,000 by the taxpayer every year just to sit around whinging about this country - for the next three years!

I reckon we should tell Brian, if you don't love it leave.

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Some of those illegal immigrants took to calling themselves the ANA (Australian Natives Association) imagine that!

They had their own song a little while ago in 1910 basically telling Coloured boat people to stay away. The song tells speaks about their patriotic beliefs and attitudes.

The Great National Policy Song - White Australia
Featured and sung at the A.N.A. (Australian Natives Association) national Fete Jan 31 1910. (The A.N.A seems to be a name some white people gave themselves)

White Australia bold and free our national policy
We mean to face the conquest as a nation
Our Northern Territory, no longer is to be
The open gate of coloured immigration
This continent of ours is now a white man's land
And not for alien surplus population
Britain's sons shall now maintain and Anglo Saxons reign
To rule and guide Australia's destination.

We have nestled in the fold of a navy brave and bold
That has ruled and reigned supreme
Quite unmolested a navy we must own,
so that we can hold our own
Should her right to own the seas be ever contested
Ten thousand miles away the British navy lay
Just far enough to mean a sure surrender
Unless this sunny land can enter hand in hand
With power combined to fight for white Australia.

It is plane for all to see that the future is to be
A struggle to defend Australia home and beauty
The conflict has begun and each and every one must face the fact that he must do his duty
Let us train our Australian sons to stand behind our guns
One flag one tongue one people's destination
The question one and all, must be the bugle call
To strike with all our might for white Australia.


Our policy will ever be …
Australia Australia sunny south of old Brittania's sons
Australia the white man's land defended by the white man's guns
Australia Australia for Anglo Saxon race and Southern Cross
God bless and help us to protect our glorious land Australia Australia.

A copy of the charming song is available on the Victorian museum site