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Oh the Thinks You Don't Think Mr Howard.

Not by Dr Seuss

Oh the thinks you don't think Mr Howard it's true
Are often the thinks that you haven't thought through

You don't think that women will have equal say
You don't think we need laws to have equal pay
You don't think anti-villification's okay
And you don't think that we should have marriage that's gay

An Australian Republic?
I don't think today
Perhaps an Indigenous treaty?
No way

Oh the thinks you don't think Mr Howard you twit
You clearly don't think of the nation one bit

Capping compulsory super cost us one trillion bucks
All that gold that you sold's now worth three times as much
Your tax cuts to win the '07 election
Cost $40 billion per annum in lost revenue collection

Messrs Howard and Costello
I'm quite lost for words
Except for "you", "fraudulent", "incompetent", and "turds"

Oh the thinks you don't think Mr Howard I'll say
Are the same thinks you didn't think back in your day

You didn't think reports of WMDs
Were the unmitigated crap that they turned out to be
You don't think asylum seekers deserve any rights
When locked up and kept far away out of sight

You didn't think education was very much use
When you coined "academic" as a term of abuse

Oh the thinks you don't think Mr Howard are criminal
Your meanness is high your compassion is minimal

And so Mr Howard to you I will say
That I couldn't care less what you don't think today.

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