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Craig Kelly on Climate Change versus Fuel Load

Australia has its fair share of colourful politicians, and Craig Kelly is certainly one of those sufficiently colourful (in the yellow journalism sense) to be a frequent guest on Sky News, for example. After the 2019-2020 bushfires, he notoriously referred to Laura Tobin as an "ignorant Pommy weather girl" who had "no idea what she's talking about", despite her university degree in physics and meteorology. For his own part, Craig Kelly completed high school.

UK Health Care System Broken

Overall a brilliant article; this quote especially sprang out at me:

Infuriating Fur Claims

In 2005 a horrific video showed a raccoon dog clubbed, hung upside down, and then skinned. The skinned animal is then thrown on a pile to die.

Autoschadenfreude 5

“Events, dear boy, events.” Said Harold Macmillan.

A series of unfortunate ones here, but there you go.

Autoschadenfreude 4

I think folk need to read the article, I’m not going to selectively quote out of context just to whet fool’s appetites... or provide a synopsis for the TL;DR crowd... oh alright then...

James Melville on how the £200 billion cost of four years’ lost growth equals the entire UK contribution to the EU budget since it joined.

There’s a synopsis. And a quote.

Sanders is a Virus? The Old Anti-Semitism

Bernie Sanders is the first Jewish frontrunner for any political party in American history and most establishment Jewish organisations are not only actively working against him, but also silent on the antisemitism he faces.

Just this week CNN compared Bernie’s momentum to the coronavirus; an old trope about Jews bringing diseases like rats. Meanwhile conspiracies are abound about Bernie hoarding our money, being hungry for our money, and being a communist. All old racist tropes.

Autoschadenfreude 3

What Defra’s post-Brexit plan means for farmers

Basic Payments will be reduced by 5-25% next year for farmers in England, the government has confirmed.
Wherein we find that farm subsidies will be cut by up to 25%.

Syria Update: Feb 2020, Part II

SYRIA UPDATE: Turkey is now basically at war with Assad, and it's moving in the direction of war with Russia (though I doubt that it will get that far).

Teaching Union Rights in the Philippines

We have received an urgent update from the Education International -- please read on

Despite international solidarity, human and trade union rights abuses continue in the Philippines. The red-tagging and vilification campaign targeting members of the Alliance of Concerned Teachers is escalating, with support from the Department of Education of the Duterte regime.

The Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) reports renewed attacks on its members.

Unionist Jailed in Kazakhstan

Erlan Baltabay, a leader of the Independent Oil and Energy Workers' Union in Kazakhstan, has been in prison since 16 October 2019.

The government of Kazakhstan has been the focus of a major international protest campaign which has the support of 5,252 trade unionists so far.

But the authorities are now attempting to fabricate another case against Erlan in order to keep him in jail, even though his first sentence was due to end next month.


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