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Now all our sins return to haunt us...

Which, with footnotes and references, analyses Classic Dom's referendum and election victories.

But not it appears that Classic Dom has a few more problems; his flight to Durham during lockdown may not have attracted the scrutiny of the DPP but it appears the council of the borough in which his father's estate lies have investigated whether the cottage he occupied with his family had planning permission - and it rather appears it doesn't:

Cummings has made many, many enemies. No doubt they will be queuing up to issue their challenges, suits, and studied insults.

Sometimes a man is defined by his enemies as much as by his friends. I do rather think though that a lot of folk who were acquainted with Classic Dom may just turn. If Boris is one of them, then... we may actually get a reasonable deal with the EU. But by any measure Boris will be toast himself soon. We have four more years of him; but no-one will really pay much attention to the worst PM of modern times.

He has no stature, no dignity, no credibility; and his legendary charisma is tarnishing despite his every attempt to buff it to brightness.

He is untrustworthy, truthless; and also he's been a bit wobbly since his illness. But there is one thing; he doesn't really punch down. He's not really a bully. There remain the vestiges of gentlemanly ideals; and no-one with them is completely beyond redemption. And he's not actually a total fucking racist shit; just a person steeped in the English language of a certain period. He shouldn't have been PM, but he should have been on telly a lot performing as a slightly caddish humourist.

I have lately come to the realisation that as a songwriter I write pretty good middle eights. If that were a metaphor it might sum up Boris's political career rather aptly.


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