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Andrew Forrest's Donations

Sure Andrew Forrest’s $70 million donation is conditional.

Sure only $10 million is going to actual relief, while another $10 million will cover the cost of his volunteers and $50 million goes to his own think-tank.

Sure $70 million represents 0.005% of his net wealth and a minuscule fraction of the unpaid taxes he owes.

Sure most of his $12.7 billion net wealth has come from resources mined from land occupied by Indigenous Australians he has refused to adequately compensate, leaving hundreds of towns in his wake with near universal unemployment, third world health standards and the highest suicide rate on the planet with nothing to show for the trillions of dollars worth of resources sold from under them.

Sure he’s conspired with the government to entrench poverty in Indigenous communities and force them onto the Indue card, making them more likely to play ball next time he offers them a shitty deal.

Sure his industry is responsible for more environmental degradation in Australia than anyone else, contributing to the scale of these fires.

Sure the rest of us subsidise his industry by more than 15 times that amount. Every. Single. Year.

Sure most of us pay a much higher potion of our income in taxes and contribute a vastly higher portion of our wealth in donations.

BUT $10 million is more than most of us peasants will see in our life time so thank you Andrew Forrest, you self-serving piece of shit.$70m-donation-to-bushfire-relief/11854654?pfmredir=sm&sf227725845=1