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Imagine Labor had won the last Federal election

Imagine Labor had won the last Federal election. Then imagine:

That we had the most intense bushfires in our recorded history and the PM went on holiday to Hawaii

That Labor MPs were found to have used signs in Chinese during the election to deceive people into voting for them and the PM said nothing

That the Labor minister for Sport had been caught illegally using millions of dollars to target winnable electorates and the PM did nothing

That the country went into recession for the first time in 30 years and the government didn’t have a plan to get us out of it

That passengers on a cruise ship were allowed to disembark without being quarantined resulting in the majority of COVID-19 cases during the initial wave and the government tried to blame it all on the State government

That a second outbreak occurred in one state and the Federal government’s only response was to attack and undermine the efforts of the State government trying to bring it under control

That the Federal government used a funeral to try and attack and undermine another State governments efforts to protect their residents by closing their borders

That hundreds of people die from COVID-19 in aged care facilities while the minister for Aged Care reuses to take action or answer questions and the PM says they have his full backing

That over a million Australians become unemployed and the government ignores huge sections of the community with its JobKeeper program

That the government get their sums on JobKeeper wrong by $60 billion then try claiming credit for it as a saving

That businesses rort millions from JobKeeper and the government does nothing

That the prime minister’s response to being asked any questions about this is to say they don’t accept it and walk away.

Imagine the criticism.
Imagine the attacks from the media.
Imagine the cartoons lambasting the government.
Imagine the outrage at press briefings.
Imaging the editorials.
Imagine the outbursts from conservative commentators.
Imagine a balanced media in Australia.