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Bruce Pascoe Exposed?

On the subject of identity, the allegation that Bruce Pascoe is not an Indigenous Australian originated from a site called "Dark Emu Exposed".

The site claims to be run by 30 independent researchers. The editor of the site is a businessman called Roger Karge, who occasionally writes opinion pieces for the Murdoch press under the title "amateur historian".

Here's what the site has to say about the other "independent" researchers:

" Unfortunately, in the current climate in which we live, most of our researchers need to operate under pseudonyms to protect their careers. Some work within academia, or government departments, that are strongly Progressive Left and, needless to say, any criticism of Mr Pascoe and his book Dark Emu is likely to lead to their ostracisation!"

Bruce Pascoe's identity is being called into question by Peter Dutton and Murdoch's brigade of racists based on allegations made by a group of people using pseudonyms.