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The numbers on Adani

Life of the project: 60 years

Area of project: 447km2

Estimated water usage: 12.5 billion litres per year

Amount of water Adani must return in the first 5 years: 6%

Number of bird species supported by wetlands around Abbot Point terminal: 154

Amount by which Adani have exceeded their pollution discharge limit at Abbot point to date: 800%

Volume of Great Barrier Reef seabed dredged around Abbot Point: 10,000m3

Estimated production: 2.6 billion tonnes of (mainly low grade, high ash) coal

Estimated CO2 produced from burning that coal: 4.7 billion tonnes

Total amount Adani claims the mine will generate in taxes and royalties: $22 billion

Estimated amount Adani will make from deferred royalties under current deal with Qld Government: $250 - $700 million

Morgan Stanley’s estimated value of Adani mine in 2013: $0

Estimated coal price needed for the mine to be viable: $100 - $110 per tonne

Current price of coal: $66 per tonne

Estimated government subsidies needed to make the mine viable: $4.4 billion

Number of Adani owned entities know to be registered in foreign tax havens: 16

Amount Adani is currently being investigated for tax fraud: $340 million

Number of jobs from the mine promised by Adani CEO in 2014: 10,000

Number of jobs from the mine estimated in June 2019: 800 - 1,200