The Refugee Deal Stinks

To be quite honest, I couldn't care less about President Trump's phone call with Prime Minister Turnbull.

Both are callous, selfish millionaires running volatile coalitions of racist, sexist, unapolegetically capitalist halfwits. Governments that are enacting brutal regimes of unlawful violence and intimidation against the world's most vulnerable, something Mr Trump's and Mr Turnbull's predecessors were not immune from either.

Mr Trump is right for the wrong reason: The refugee deal stinks.

Mr Obama should have rejected such a deal and remonstrated with Australia for not upholding its legal, let alone moral, responsibility to care for and resettle, with onshore processing, refugees and asylum seekers arriving by boat.

The whole "alliance" talk is just blather. Of course Australia should pursue a bold new direction away from the current American alliance; Mr Keating, like his halfwitted predecessor Mr Fraser, has been publicly calling for that for years.

We need to spend less time fretting about the fragile art of international diplomacy, and more time caring about how our respective governments are brutalizing the lives of refugees, indigenous peoples, society's most vulnerable, and the nameless peoples around the world who will become tomorrow's scapegoats for our elites' wicked deeds.

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