Reorganizing The Executive Branch

None of this surprises, of course. It's been a long-term project of the Right to serve the best interests of the capitalist masters (while throwing some breadcrumbs to the masses whom they really despise).

But the scope and ambition of their project is breathtaking, a real seismic moment in history. And no laughing matter.

The elite policy planners believe they can reinvigorate capitalism by shedding all of these liberal shibboleths about how people operate in society and the workplace, how humanity relates to the world at large. They view welfare as an impediment to moulding the perfect selfish individual, and profits: a man an island unto himself, serving God or Mammon--just not your neighbour. It's a postmodern noblesse oblige of the wealthy. Racism, sexism, classism, phobias of all sorts, it's in their blood. But above all they exude privilege, the timeless right of the ruling order. It's their worldview, one of privilege, guarding the opulence of the minority from the clamouring hordes of atomised individuals. People who just don't know their place if they're demanding some of your riches to better society. So they encourage us to become as navel-gazing as them, as they dismember the cage that has separated us from the tiger of unimpeded capitalism outside. The capitalism that has raped the environment and ravaged bodies worldwide, decimated the lives of countless, invisible minorities in America. Its appetite knows no bounds; its drive to stalk out new prey insatiable.

Donald J Trump, what a consummate portrait of this rotting society.

The Left needs to imagine a bold response, grasp again the bigger picture of the human condition, and act on it. The old liberal order, and its own fracturous reality and contradictory promises, are not coming back anytime soon.

Presidential Executive Order on a Comprehensive Plan for Reorganizing the Executive Branch

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