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UK Health Care System Broken

Overall a brilliant article; this quote especially sprang out at me:

"The fact that the UK's health-care system is broken has nothing to do with the EU. I am tired of being dependent on doctors who are required to issue wrong diagnoses to keep costs down. When I went to my general practitioner in Kingston with a torn meniscus, she sent me to physical therapy. When I complained to the general practitioner after getting my knee operated on by a private doctor, her reply was as brutal as it was honest: "We are no longer allowed to diagnose and operate on a meniscus for patients of your age for cost reasons." I'm 60 years old."

Right. Let's see some money going into the health service then... oops somehow we are £200B down since leaving the EU so there's no money, no health service, no welfare...

But we will have a lot of deregulation, no wage controls, chlorinated chicken, and all the other beautiful things we have voted for.

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